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PWC SCOPE Discuss the Black Lives Matter Movement

What do four “insanely intelligent, opinionated, community servants, who love food and deep dicussions that cross the minds of women of color.” have to discuss?  Plenty.  Never afraid to tackle the tough subjects, PWC SCOPE jumps right in and starts their first live studio audience taping discussing #blacklivesmatter.  It was an insightful, inclusive evening and you will not want to …

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Ask the Law Diva: Community Association Scams

Written by Sheyna “The Law Diva” Burt Dear Law Diva: My homeowners association recently received in the mail a document titled “2014-Annual Records Solicitation Form” from the Virginia Council for Corporations. It mentions the Virginia Code’s requirements about corporate records and annual meetings and indicates that it will take care of us for a $125 fee. Is this legit? Sincerely, Doing …

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