Everbridge Alert System

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Provided by Occoquan District Supervisor Ruth Anderson’s Office

The Police Department and the County have moved forward with implementing alerts via a system called Everbridge. By clicking here, you can sign up directly to receive information on police incidents. Not every police incident will require an alert; however, the Department will, in the near future, use this system to alert our communities of significant police events.

You will need to set up a profile in order to receive alerts which can come in the form of a text message, email, phone call or all forms. The alerts, when sent out, will also be posted on the Police Department’s social media pages simultaneously. We are hoping for a roll out of these notifications starting Jan. 1, 2019.

Unrelated to the alert notifications system, there is a web-based site for citizens to go to when there is an emergency (snow storm, hurricane, etc.) to get up-to-date info on closings and other important details. This is overseen by the Office of Emergency Management under the Department of Fire & Rescue. There is also a Twitter account.

The County and Public Safety social media accounts are all linked in the event pertinent info needs to reach residents quickly. The Twitter account and the website are up and running now — pwcgov.org/ready | twitter: @ReadyPWC.



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