10 Ways to Buy Local This Holiday Season! 🎁

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Provided by City of Manassas Economic Development

Last-minute shoppers, you’re in luck! Manassas has many unique products and experiences that make perfect stocking stuffers for your loved ones.

The City’s 10 square miles hosts numerous retail, food, and community attractions that satisfy just about every whim. Here are just a few:

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1.  Oil and Vinegar Pairing from Manassas Olive Oil Company

Is there a chef in the family? Or maybe that fabulous party host looking for a charcuterie board conversation piece? Manassas Olive Oil Company offers a range of infused olive oils and vinegar pairings that are sure to be one of a kind!

2.  Pick up a Centerpiece from Flowers with Passion

Heading to an impromptu holiday party and need a welcome gift? Flowers with Passion is a home-grown flower shop that will help transform any space for any occasion.

3. “150th Ornament” from Manassas Museum

On April 2, 2023, Manassas turned 150! This is likely the last opportunity to purchase a commemorative keepsake for that special history buff in your life. Manassas Museum’s gift shop has several of these “birthday” ornaments plus many other Manassas and Virginia-specific mementos– from foods to t-shirts to collector train sets.

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4.  Ice Skating Tickets at Harris Pavilion

Know a friend who detests knick-knacks but loves to collect memories? Harris Pavilion offers ice skating in the heart of beautiful Manassas seven days a week! Reserve tickets here, and skate free on Wednesdays!

5.  An Afternoon Tea Reservation at The Things I Love

Another great ‘experience’ gift, The Things I Love offers afternoon tea in their cozy garden room complete with sweets and savories. They prefer an intimate setting to best entertain guests and request reservations at 703-335-7711.

6.  Beeswax Candles (Coral’s) | Soy Candles (Shining Sol)Corals-Beeswax-Candles. Business Beat: 10 Ways to Buy Local This Holiday Season!

For that environmentally friendly colleague who appreciates a thoughtful gesture, Manassas has two companies within walking distance of each other boasting difficult-to-find and treasured candles developed with all-natural materials.

7.  Handmade Goat’s Milk Soap from Calico Jack’s

Calico Jack’s is known for eclectic gifts, so we’re singling out their handmade goat’s milk soap as a perishable and practical item from their inventory. The store offers some unique crowd favorites when it comes to scents, Black Amber & Lavender and Patchouli just to name two.

8.  Hand Roasted Coffee Beans from Grounds Central Station

Manassas has several excellent coffee shops and suppliers who we highly recommend. Grounds Central Station also happens to have hand roasted beans you can purchase through a subscription AND Sip and Paint events every fourth Friday and every second Friday for adults 21+.

9.  Scenic-Manassas Stationary from Creative Brush410173197_577077151244160_1689937817154507763_n-300x225 Business Beat: 10 Ways to Buy Local This Holiday Season!

Creative Brush owners Mary Reilly and Christine Reilly Raymond have curated a long-standing and wildly celebrated art studio at 8951 Center Street. Their love of the community has brought with it Manassas-centric paintings, including iconic downtown scenes captured by Mary on oil and canvas. These scenes have been translated to stationery, a much-appreciated year-round gift!

10.  HEART BEAT Gift Card

Many of these gifts and much more are accessible via the City’s HEART BEAT gift card! Load the card with your preferred amount and send the HEART BEAT digital gift card to that special someone at any time! Pass along this map of vendors as a suggested date night to some of Manassas’ finest establishments.


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