$1,000 Grant Awarded

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Provided by City of Manassas

(L to R): Monica Boehringer, Refuse & Recycling Coordinator; Mayor Harry J. Parrish II; Rafael Henriquez, Altavista Landscaping; Michael Sensale, Cannon Ridge Communications Chair; Audrey Sensale, Cannon Ridge Homes Association President; Dale Edwards, Sequoia Management; Anna Wilkinson, Communications Director, American Disposal Services, Inc.; W. Patrick Pate, City of Manassas City Manager; and Lisa Sievel-Otten, committee member.

The City of Manassas and American Disposal Services have awarded the City’s first Community Recycling Grant award.

The Cannon Ridge Homes Association received a Try it Grant of $1,000 awarded to them this afternoon.  The grant is to develop communication and outreach materials for their diverse community.  Part of the message in this outreach is to encourage residents to recycle and reduce the amount of litter in common areas.

City of Manassas Refuse and Recycling Coordinator Monica Boehringer said, “The Cannon Ridge project is the perfect start to our new Community Grant program. Empowering communities to take action and help keep Manassas beautiful.”

The Try it Grant is the first step in the City’s small grants program developed by the City of Manassas. The grant is open to Home Associations that are passionate about improving their community and gaining skills for their own experience and social benefit. HOA members know their particular community and the challenges faced as well as the opportunities that will benefit community members.

“American is excited to partner with the City of Manassas on this groundbreaking community grant, which is the first of its kind,” Kevin Edwards, General Manager for American Disposal Services, said. “By joining forces with the City of Manassas and involving the community we can explore new ways to improve recycling education and awareness.”

Grants are awarded in three stages:

  • Try it – offers small amounts of funding of up to $1,000 for communities to try out ideas to increase recycling. This might mean learning more about what is needed in the area or trying a project on a small scale.
  • Do it – offers grants of up to $5,000 to successful Try it award recipients who feel confident in taking their community project to the next level.
  • Build it – offers grants of up to $15,000 to communities that have successfully launched a Do it project and would like to install or renovate a common area within the community to benefit the health and well-being of community members.

For more information on how your community can apply for a grant please visit manassascity.org/trash or call (703) 257-8256.


For more information on American Disposal Services, visit americandisposal.com.


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