Investing in our future, one cookie at a time.

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So you’ve started your new year’s resolution to eat right and exercise, and here they come to tempt you back to the dark side like Darth Vader with a plate full of cookies.  Girl Scout cookies that is.   It’s that time again where everywhere you look, there are cute faces with big eyes asking you to buy cookies.   But before you say no, as a former girl scout, I would ask you consider what selling Girl Scout cookies does for these girls.

According to Kathy Cloninger , CEO of Girl Scouts of America, and author of  “Tough Cookies” a book about the principles of Girl Scouts and their success, “The best way to solve America’s leadership crisis is to put more women in top leadership roles. And the best way to grow tomorrow’s women leaders is to grow strong girl leaders today.”

The cookie program creates an environment that will help our girls grow to be strong leaders, teaching them “The five skills”: goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills and business ethics.

Some say the Girl Scouts don’t get enough money per box and withhold their support of the program.  But it is about more than money.  It is about the experience , the lessons learned and the badges earned that provide the future generation with the skill set to be successful.

Door to Door sales will start as early as January 2nd  in Prince William, with booth sales starting February 2nd.  For more information, visit  For prior articles on Girl Scouts in our area, read our March 2012 Going Places:  100 Years of Girl Scouting.

So the next time a Girl Scout asks if you will buy a box of Samoas, look at it as an investment in our future.  Now, if you will excuse me, I have a date with a box of thin mints currently in the freezer. *NOM NOM NOM*

Publisher and lifelong PWC resident Rebecca Barnes, when not busy producing Prince William Living, acts as Public Information Officer for OWL VFD.  She and her family live in Manassas.  You can reach her at




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