Citizenship Art A New Exhibit at The Manassas Museum

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City of Manassas, VA . . . What do citizens look like? For first graders from Baldwin Elementary School in Manassas, the answers are as diverse as their imaginations.

The students, who decorated plain paper “people” for a 225th anniversary commemoration of the Constitution last year, are now the stars of Citizenship Art, a new Manassas Museum exhibit. The students were asked to decorate their “people” to look like citizens, and used markers, crayons, and construction paper on their projects.

Some of the citizens wear crowns, bounce balls, or eat carrots, while others sport cowboy hats, skirts or ties. All of the citizens create a riot of color on the museum’s walls.

“Like the metaphor of the United States as a ‘melting pot’ of different races and cultures, these children remind us that American citizens come in many different guises,” observes Museum Curator Mary Helen Dellinger. The exhibit is free for Baldwin students and their families and is open through February.


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