20 Years of Adventure, One Legacy of Inspiration

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Provided by Imagine

Imagine, a pioneering branding and marketing agency specializing in destinations, proudly marks its 20th anniversary this year. For two decades, Imagine has worked to “Fight Ugly,” helping brand and market businesses and destinations. Under the banner of “For the Love of Travel,” Imagine has been transforming destinations into vibrant and thriving hotspots, making a lasting impact on the travel and tourism industry.

Imagine was founded in 2004 with $14 dollars and a dream. Redefining how destinations are perceived, marketed, and experienced, the agency has worked with a diverse range of destinations, from picturesque small towns to bustling cities, helping them uncover their unique identities and unlock their full potential.

The agency’s success story is a testament to its unwavering commitment to innovation, creativity, and client satisfaction. Imagine has consistently delivered cutting-edge branding and marketing solutions that resonate with travelers, making destinations more appealing and unforgettable.

Over the past 20 years, Imagine has achieved numerous milestones, including the successful revitalization of struggling destinations, the launch of award-winning marketing campaigns, and the establishment of long-lasting partnerships with clients worldwide. The agency’s team of dedicated professionals has combined their expertise in strategy, design, digital marketing, and storytelling to create compelling narratives for destinations.

Imagine’s late founder, Patrick King, was a passionate advocate for travel and the joy it brings to our lives. His dedication and love for exploring new horizons left an indelible mark on our agency.

CEO Rebecca Barnes expressed her enthusiasm for reaching this significant milestone: “It’s an incredible journey for Imagine. We’ve had the privilege of working with incredible destinations and helping them shine in the global travel landscape. Our 20th anniversary is a reflection of the trust our clients have placed in us and the passion of our talented team.”

As Imagine celebrates this remarkable achievement, they are looking forward to the future with even greater ambition. The agency plans to continue pushing boundaries, embracing new technologies, and exploring innovative ways to elevate the destinations they work with. Their mission remains unchanged: to help destinations thrive and leave a lasting impact on travelers’ hearts.

The 20th-anniversary celebration promises to be a year filled with exciting events, partnerships, and initiatives. Imagine invites past and current clients, industry partners, and fellow destination enthusiasts to join them in commemorating this significant milestone.


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