200,000 Pounds of Food Rescued by Prince William Nonprofit

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Provided by ACTS Prince William Food Rescue

Prince William Food Rescue is a local initiative to mobilize volunteers to reduce food waste. They have just delivered their 200,000th pound of food rescued – the equivalent of nearly 101,000 meals. It has taken less than six months from its inception last August o surpass their first year goal. Additionally, just last week, Food Rescue Heroes completed their 1,000th rescue.

A program of Action in Community Through Service (ACTS), the Prince William Food Rescue organizes deliveries – or “rescues.” Rescues come from from donor locations that include grocery stores, restaurants, gas stations, and hospitals. The food then goes to distribution locations that include churches, community centers, senior centers, mobile home parks, and schools. Volunteers are notified of rescues through a mobile app, where they can claim and track their rescue.

Aaron Tolson is Director of Development for ACTS. He said, “Our goal to reduce food waste, food insecurity, and GHG emissions here in our community has been successful because of the tremendous people involved. We have a great team collaborating with amazing donors, distributors, and volunteers every day. Together we are changing the food insecurity landscape here in the Prince William region more quickly than I could have imagined.”

The program continues to grow as donor locations, rescues and app downloads increase weekly. You can keep up with their activity and get information on how to download the app and become a “Food Rescue Hero” on social media (@pwfoodrescue) or their website pwfoodrescue.org.


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