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Tailored Living® Shares 7 Quick Tips to Organizing Your Home This Holiday Season

Nothing brings people together like the holidays. Whether you’re welcoming children home from a semester at school, or extended family members that may be staying for a while, follow these 7 great tips to help make your home a relaxing refuge for loved ones to come together and celebrate:

1. Manage Your Holiday Card List: Holiday cards express a sentiment of annual tradition and celebration. Start early by creating a spreadsheet or address book before Thanksgiving.  Organize people into categories such as family, friends and co-workers. Creating an electronic database may seem like a big upfront time commitment, but in the end, you’re saving time because edits can easily be made throughout the year. Also, after packing up the tree, save money by buying next year’s holiday cards at clearance pricing.

2. Keep Decorating Simple: Choose only your favorite holiday decorations to reduce clutter. For each holiday item you place on a shelf, take one non-holiday item off and store it until the holiday season is over. If you buy or receive decorative gifts, use them as an opportunity to retire outdated items that can be donated to charity.

3. Prepare Your Pantry: Get the “Emeril” in you ready for holiday feasts. Take inventory of existing pantry items before going grocery shopping for your holiday meal to avoid duplicating items or, even worse, having to make an additional trip to the store the day of. Spice racks and pull-out bins can help a great deal by placing items in plain view. It’s easy to skip meals or opt for unhealthy, sugary snacks in the midst of the holiday bustle. This can be avoided by organizing quick, healthy snacks towards the front of the pantry within easy reach for you and your kids.

4. Add Storage Solutions: To clear out clutter, consider adding small cabinetry in your kitchen to store items that won’t be used all winter long such as an ice cream maker or iced tea pitchers. The garage is also a great place to reduce clutter. Whether you use it to store clothing or house a plethora of tools and yard equipment, consider combining labeled storage bins with tall cabinetry and overhead storage racks to better organize your belongings. A gridwall or two can come in handy as well if you’d like to display your tools in a space-saving way.

5. Approach Gift Wrapping Differently: Gift wrapping is an inevitable task but it doesn’t have to be a chore. All you need is one trip to the store to buy an assortment of gift wrapping items. Stick with versatile items that can be used for any occasion. There’s no need to splurge on a dozen different prints of wrapping paper either. Instead, purchase a couple rolls of plain craft paper and decorate each wrapped box with unique holiday themed stamps or handmade ribbons.

6. Help Your Guests Feel at Home: With the pending arrival of houseguests, use this time as an opportunity to go through and organize your guestroom closet. Box items you don’t use on a regular basis. Leave empty hangers, shoe racks, and plenty of open space for your guest’s attire. Consider adding a maneuverable rod system since it easily allows guests to sort through their clothing. Finally, you can install a murphy bed if you need an additional sleeping area. Murphy beds can be used year round and effortlessly fold away to free up space in any given room.

7. Create a Safer Environment: Don’t slip out there! Prep your garage for the cold, icy months by using flexible floor tiles from a trusted garage organization specialist like Tailored Living® featuring PremierGarage®. Flexible floor tiles add traction and prevent slipping when snow and ice melt off your car and boots.

Following these 7 easy steps will minimize stress this holiday season and will allow your entire family to focus only on sharing wonderful moments with loved ones.

About Tailored Living® featuring PremierGarage®
Tailored Living featuring Premier Garage proudly offers homeowners high quality organizational solutions for their garages, closets, pantries, family rooms, home offices and more through complimentary in-home consultations. The company also provides complete design, measuring and installation services adapted to each client’s specific needs. Tailored Living’s industry experience, commitment to service and wide breath of product offerings has allowed it to grow into the largest whole-home organization company in the nation. For more information on Tailored Living, visit

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