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Cures for the Common Hangover

Cures for HangoverBy Stacia Kelly, Ph.D., MHt

There was a party Friday, or maybe a slightly too celebratory St. Patty’s Day. Either way, there have been a few too many beers, right? Or for some, even one can lead to the pounding headache and gurgling stomach. The best way to keep a hangover at bay is to skip drinking entirely, but if you overindulged, here are ways to help combat hangover symptoms:

  • Stay ahead of a hangover. Start by alternating your drinks with a glass of water to stay hydrated, as alcohol dehydrates the body. Even better? Make it a mineral water and boost your body’s supply.
  • Take a quality multivitamin, probiotics and grape seed extract. You need the extra nutrients to combat the toxic load you just put on your liver. The probiotics put the good bugs back in your system, and the grape seed acts as a natural anti-inflammatory.
  • Sleep in if you can. The body is an amazing vehicle and can repair itself given the proper time and environment.
  • Detox. Eat as healthy as you can, add some green smoothies and help your body repair itself. Be kind to your liver. It’s the second largest organ in your body and when it can’t do its job, you can end up with excess hormones in your bloodstream, added weight and even breakouts.
  • Stay away from the sauna. You’re already dehydrated. Also be careful if you attempt exercise. While exercise is good for you, it will make you need to hydrate even more. Wait until you feel normal to resume the normal routine.

Last but not least, the darker the liquor, the more of a hangover you’re likely to have. A study by Brown University found that darker liquors contain more toxic substances. Bourbon, for instance, has 37 times more than vodka. So stick to the lighter-colored alcoholic beverages and save yourself from some of the headache.

Prince William native Stacia Kelly has a doctorate in holistic health and a background in fitness, nutrition, stress management and nutritional supplementation. For more information about her, visit and

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