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Ribbon Cutting for ‘The American Recycling Center’

Grand Opening of Attached ‘Interactive Learning Center’

State of the Art Recycling Processing Facility, ‘The American Recycling Center’ Cuts Ribbon and Opens ‘Interactive Learning Center’ to the Public

 MANASSAS, VA, April 24, 2014 –American Disposal Services has partnered  with Machinex to host a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony and Grand Opening of their State of the Art, Single Stream Recycling Processing facility and attached Interactive Learning Center; The American Recycling Center. The ceremony was held yesterday April 23rd, from 11am-2pm at The American Recycling Center located in Manassas VA.

Ribbon Cutting for American Recycling Center 150Speakers included Chairman of the Prince William County Board of Supervisors, Corey A. Stewart; American Disposal Services General Manager, Kevin Edwards; Director of Keep Prince William Beautiful, Kiliaen Anderson; ALCOA representative, Brian Cabat and Machinex Territory Sales Manager, Rusty Angel.

“It is both exciting and rewarding for Machinex to be awarded the first recycling processing operation for American Disposal.  American Disposal has been a well-respected hauler for almost 15 years,” Rusty Angel, Machinex Southeast Territory Sales Manager said. “Machinex is proud to have been selected as their partner in this venture.”

Speakers discussed the positive impact the American Recycling Center will have on the environment and the local economy; as well as the valuable recycling and environmental education now available to all members of the community, at the attached Interactive Learning Center.

“Congratulations to the team at American Disposal on the opening of the American Recycling Center.” Corey A. Stewart, Chairman of the Prince William County Board of Supervisors said. “We are thrilled American Disposal decided to locate this facility in Prince William County. Not only is this site great for the environment it has already created quality jobs for Prince William residents.”

Tom Smith, Prince William County Solid Waste Division Chief, also presented American Disposal Services with a congratulatory award on  behalf of Prince William County, Department of Public Works, Solid Waste Division. The award was presented as a recognition and thank you for American’s commitment to waste reduction in Prince William County.  The award is made from 100% recycled glass.

After Chairman Stewart and American Disposal Services owners Paul Coury and Larry Edwards cut the ribbon, the doors to the Interactive Learning Center were officially opened to the public and tours of the processing facility were offered to guests.

“As the waste and recycling industries continue to grow and change, we are proud to offer this environmental service, education and outreach to Prince William County and all of Northern Virginia” Kevin Edwards, General Manager of American Disposal Services, said.

                                                                      The American Recycling Center

The American Recycling Center processes recyclables from the greater Washington DC metropolitan area; spanning as far as West Virginia to locations North of Richmond.

The facility saves over one million kilowatts of energy per day and can save over half a million cubic yards of landfill space per year. By diverting material processed at the facility, away from overcrowded landfills, the American Recycling Center instead gives this material new life, as recycled goods.

Jobs created to staff and oversee the facility will increase economic development and stimulate the local economy. Additionally, the new products created from the facility’s recycled material decrease our reliance on natural resources, locally and globally.

“At the facility, recyclables will be taken full circle: ‘Curb to Commodity.’ After being picked up and brought to the facility, materials are sorted, baled and sold to manufacturers in America and all over the world who make new products.” Paul Coury, American Disposal Services’ President said. “Producing only the highest quality materials ensures that our end product will be used for new, recycled goods. The process is essentially an infinite loop; in that no material is wasted.”


The Interactive Learning Center

Ribbon Cutting for American Recycling Center 159To further set The American Recycling Center apart; the facility also includes an attached Interactive Learning Center where all members of the community can come to learn about recycling, environmental awareness and the trip recyclables make from the time they leave the curb until they leave the facility as a raw commodity, destined to become new, recycled goods.

The colorful, hands-on Interactive Learning Center offers presentations, as well as an interactive museum style corridor featuring a recycling time line and detailed explanations of each step materials take as they make their way through the different sorting equipment at the facility.

At the Interactive Learning Center, representatives from American will continue their ongoing education of the community though their ThinkBeforeYouThrow® outreach programs.

American Disposal Services is a family owned and operated, Single Stream recycling and waste collection provider servicing communities, commercial offices, construction sites and local businesses in Virginia, Georgia, Maryland and the District of Columbia.  In addition to being the largest privately owned recycling and waste hauler in the greater Washington metropolitan area, American Disposal Services is a leader in the promotion of green practices in Northern Virginia and actively educates customers and the community on how to dispose of waste and recyclable materials through the outreach program.  For more information visit

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