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2nd Saturday Art Walk

image001The Workhouse Arts Center is proud to present our Featured Artists and Studio Exhibitions for the month of June. An opening reception for all studio shows and featured artists listed below will be held campus-wide during our 2nd Saturday Art Walk, June 12, from 6-9 pm. Our campus, galleries and studios are open to the public Wednesday through Saturday from 11am-6pm, and on Sundays from 12-5pm, with the exception of the 2nd Saturday Art Walk where we remain open until 9pm. 

Building W-5 Featured Artists: Traci Oberle and Relene Schuster

“Chaos Out of Order”
June 11 – July 6

Artist Statement: Traci Oberle and Relene Schuster bring disparate elements together in their collage pieces.  Traci creates environments for discarded objects while Relene shows the chaotic effects of having many possessions.  Together they practice problem solving skills relating to the collection and organization of material goods.

OBERLE_OVERWATERING_COLLAGE_20INX20INCitation: Traci Oberle, Overwatering, Collage, 20” x 20” (picture to the right) For interviews or to learn more about the artist and their work, please contact them directly: Traci Oberle, [email protected], 703-425-7332, Studio #509 Relene Schuster, [email protected], 703-350-3578, Studio #504


Building W-6 Featured Artist: Vivian Milholen

Woodlands: Recent Work by Vivian Milholen
June 14 – July 6, 2014


Artist Statement:

Enjoy the woodland settings captured in art quilts made by artist, Vivian Milholen.  Whether it’s the burst of a brilliant sunset or the new leaves of a spring day, each piece depicts a memory of nature in the forest.

Milholen hopes her works of art convey a bit of that peaceful moment in nature that is so quickly gone with the swoosh of the wind or the harshness of the seasons.  Milholen joined the Workhouse in 2014 as a member of the Studio Fiber Artists in Building W-6.  While traveling with her Air Force family across the country and the world, she began to take quilting and art classes whenever the opportunity arose.  She was intrigued with all the possible designs that could be made by cutting up fabric and sewing it back together. Milholen likes to combine both photography and quilting skills to document some of nature’s unexpected treasures.  Her work is currently exhibited in national and local venues. 

Citation: Vivian Milholen, Brilliance, 2014, art quilt, 20” x 20”

For interviews or to learn more about the artist and their work, please contact them directly: Vivian Milholen, [email protected], 703.919.1437 Artist Website: Artist Blog:

Cosmic Strings

Building W-7 Featured Artist: Sandi Martina

Transition: molten solid twisted straight

Artist Statement:

Kilnformed glass and cast stone works using vitrigraph and flameworked components featuring portals to other dimensions and wrinkles in time.

Primordial SeedsPrimordial Seeds (right) and Cosmic Strings (left)
Primordial Seeds, Sandi Martina
Cosmic Strings, Sandi Martina

For interviews or to learn more about the artist and their work, please contact them directly:
Sandi Martina, Studio 712, 804-627-1628



Building W-8 Featured Artist: Joan Ulrich

Process as Inspiration: New Work by Joan Ulrich
June 1-20
Meet the Artist: Sunday, June 8, 3-5pm

Artist Statement:

A collection of salt and wood fired ceramics from two spring firings showcase the latest works by Joan Ulrich, who is known for inventive interpretations of everyday forms combined with quiet contemporary surface design.

“The process itself is the inspiration for this series of ceramic vessels. Working from leather hard thrown components, I slice, bend, and recombine the elements to make pots.  I consider them to be compositions,” says Ulrich. “My goal is to present works that are executed in an unpredictable fashion.”

At the forefront is the practice of continual experimentation. Ulrich may fire only two or three times a year, so each kiln load contains some of the complex constructed pieces, some new ideas finally given form, and what she considers “sketches”, small pots, usually shot glasses which are canvases for experiments with surface decoration.

Joan Ulrich is a studio artist at the Workhouse, Studio 810, and The Torpedo Factory in Old Town Alexandria.  She teaches ceramics at The Workhouse and at the Art League of Alexandria.

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