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Local Author Debuts With Novel Of Romance And Suspense


Northern Virginia Author, Ann Alexandra, debuts with her first novel of romance and suspense– “Secret Lives”.  

“First and foremost, the story is a romance about the evolution of love–how two strangers can fall in love as they learn about who the other person is–and in turn, learn more, and understand more, about themselves,” Ms. Alexandra explained.  “What’s amazing,” she adds, “is that they come to know each other under very stressful and complicated circumstances, which become life-threatening for both of them.  And because the circumstances are so intense and high-pressure, they move from being complete strangers to sharing a lifelong, and all-encompassing, bond of love—in just ten days.  But what a ten-day period!”

The novel has a touch of local flavor.  It’s about a very skillful and effective ace negotiator for the U.S. State Department, Jillian Harper, who is suddenly shipped off to Miami for a cultural convention, just as hemisphere-wide negotiations for a treaty to fight drug trafficking reach a critical climax.  The mystery deepens when the quaint taxi driver that targets Jillian at the Miami International Airport, delivers her–not to the hotel where the convention will be held–but to the estate of prominent financier Blake Crawford.  It takes all her diplomatic skills–and courage–to navigate the tumultuous events that follow when Blake introduces Jillian as his fiance, announcing they will be married in ten days.

Ms. Alexandra notes, “Knowing she has never met Blake, Jillian soon learns that the ‘Secret Lives’ of others, including Blake, will determine if she lives or dies–and to live, she must embrace a secret life of her own. This is totally new territory for Jillian, whose professional success has been based on her trustworthiness.”  As Jillian navigates these uncharted waters, can Jillian survive an earth-shattering betrayal of trust–and the discovery of a deep, and powerful, love that may ask her to sacrifice her own life to protect the man she loves?  You can find out from her novel “Secret Lives”, available now in E-book from over thirty distribution outlets, including,, and through Apple’s iBookstore App. The book is selling for $3.99.

“Authors have wonderful opportunities today,” Ms. Alexandra noted, explaining why she chose the “Indie” publishing route.  “I love long novels that let you really get involved in the world you enter when you open the book.”  At a length of about 132,000 words, ‘Secret Lives’ surpasses the industry standard for ‘long’–which is a story of about 100,000 words.  “One of the things I learned as I pursued the traditional route of searching for an agent,” she explained, “was that regardless of how compelling a story is, the length of a novel can be a significant deterrent to traditional publishers. I found that Indie publishing let me share the full novel.  But that means it’s available only as an E-book, because of cost considerations.”

Ann Alexandra, born and raised in Boston, has been a long-time resident of Northern Virginia.  She dotes on her five cats, loves music and sings with a community chorus, and is passionate about reading.  “Growing up, I made weekly visits to the city library–I believe I read, over the years, every mystery and romance–as well as most of the classics–on the shelves of what was a rather large public library!” she explained.  “My mother introduced me to the joys of reading–she would tell me how, growing up during the height of the Depression, she could explore the world and embark on all kinds of adventures–just by opening a book!”  Ms. Alexandra has dedicated this first novel to her Mother, ‘In Loving Memory’, whom she describes as her “best friend” for all of her life.

Ann Alexandra’s website is ‘under construction’, so she asks readers to please be patient!  You can find her author page on Facebook at

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