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Ways to Make Your Home’s Entryway Stand Out

StatePoint(StatePoint) Impressions count when visitors arrive at your home’s front door. It’s the first and last space they see, and it has the power to make a positive or negative impression.

This season, consider an easy, cost-effective home improvement project that can add value to your home and boost curb appeal — updating the main door and entry of your home.

Upgrade the Door

Start with the basics. Evaluate the look and condition of the front door to determine if it needs to be replaced. A front door should have good energy efficiency features, a snug fit to the frame, and an appealing color.

While wood was once the most popular material for doors, homeowners are shifting to alternatives. And for good reason — a secure fiberglass door, such as those from Therma-Tru, can resist denting and scratching, is easy to maintain, is energy efficient and can help keep your home quiet. Smooth fiberglass finishes are available for painting along with a variety of woodgrain finishes that have the look of wood, but all the benefits of fiberglass. More information on their ENERGY STAR qualified doors can be found at

Trim the Door

Consider transforming a ho-hum home entry into a stylish entryway in less than an hour. With a door surround kit, such as those from Fypon, you can accessorize your entryway in various architectural styles. Available in Craftsman, Colonial, Stone and Empire styles, each kit offers weather-resistant polyurethane pieces that resist rotting, warping, cracking, insects, moisture and peeling.

The kits include trim, such as pilasters, crossheads and keystones, and are a dynamic and quick way to enhance an entry door.

As an alternative to a kit, you can order durable pilasters and pediment pieces individually. This allows you to select from dozens of decorative pediment designs to top off your door, such as a sunburst, rams head or peaked cap. For more information, visit

Add Some Flair

To complete the look of your warm and inviting entryway, don’t forget to stain or paint your door to complement your home’s exterior, as well as select decorative or privacy glass for the doorlites and sidelites. Next step, add some potted plants and a colorful welcome mat and you’ve transformed the look of your home entryway.

With a few easy upgrades, you can give your home a fresh new look that will leave a lasting impression.

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