The “2016 Birthday Bag Drive” to Make Birthdays Possible for Homeless Youth

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Provided by Neville Empowerment Network Inc.

2016 Birthday Bag Drive Official

Since graduating from college in 2000, Cydny A. Neville has made it her mission to make birthdays possible for youth who are homeless, and those in transitional housing. Each year, she organizes a “Birthday Bag Drive,” which helps to do just that! Each “Birthday Bag” consists of:

  • A box of cake mix, candles;
  • Icing;
  • An unwrapped gift for a boy or girl;
  • A birthday party related item of the donor’s choice (balloons, etc);
  • All inside of a birthday bag.

The donation becomes an instant party, with all of the essentials necessary to have a birthday party, leaving the gift in the bag!

“When I finished my undergraduate degree, I really wanted to do more to give back to my community,so I began the annual “Birthday Bag Drive” while working in Arlington, to benefit youth serviced through a shelter in Alexandria-my home town. I just didn’t feel right celebrating my birthday, and my son’s birthday, knowing there were youth unable to do so. I can’t make birthdays happen for everyone, but I could definitely share my vision with others to make birthdays happen for many! To date, the efforts of many caring in our communities, the “Birthday Bag Drive” initiative has made over 1,000 birthdays possible over the past 16 years!” ~Cydny A. Neville, MAEd

Since its beginning in 2000, this labor of purpose has varied from the sponsored shelters, to “Birthday Bag” celebratory events! PWL This year, we have decided to expand the Drive, and are asking for teams to register, and participate in the Drive from various points across the Commonwealth; while the Neville Empowerment Network, Inc., serves as a team lead for Eastern Prince William County. Your team can be located ANYWHERE! We want to expand the reach of the Birthday Bag Drive, to make birthdays possible for youth we otherwise would not reach. If you are interested in registering a Team, please copy the following link into your browser:

It is amazing what people can do, when we have a shared vision, and work collectively to make something so special, happen! We look forward to everyone’s support of the “2016 Birthday Bag Drive,” now through February 29th! Questions:


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