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Raising Calm, Inspired, & Successful Children

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Now more than ever, every parent needs to know what signs to look for to determine if their children are showing signs of anxiety and stress and what they, as parents, can do about it.
Dr. Elaine Fogel Schneider, author of 7 Strategies for Raising Calm, Inspired, & Successful Children, says “even small changes can have an enormous impact on a child’s feelings of safety and security. Recognition of parental stress is a severe stressor for children, as is death or the loss of a loved one.”
Here are some signs of unresolved stress in children: 
  • Physical – decreased appetite; headache; nightmares; new or recurrent bedwetting; onset of stuttering; upset stomach or stomach pain; new or recurrent bedwetting; other physical symptoms with no physical illness 
  • Emotional or Behavioral – anxiety; worry; inability to relax; new or recurring fears; clinging and unwilling to let parent/or significant person out of sight; anger; crying; questioning; whining; aggressive behavior; regression to behavior of earlier developmental stage; unwillingness to participate in family or school activities.
What can a parent or another significant family member do to help: 
  1. Provide a safe, consistent, dependable home by trying to stick to daily routines that give a sense of order.
  2. Provide affection and deep hugs to your child and tell him or her how much you care and love him or her and that he or she is safe.
  3. Provide calm and mindful time with your child. Take time to take deep breaths, and with your eyes closed, follow your breath in and out like a balloon, or look up at the clouds passing by.
  4. Use prayer (if family is so inclined) and affirmations to offer soothing and calmness to a stressful situation. e.g., “I am safe” “My ——— is in Heaven and with me in my heart”
  5. Listen to calm, soothing, music that brings relaxation.
  6. Be selective in the television shows, and/or video/tablet games that are being watched and/or played, to avoid violence and other events that can bring more stress and anxiety.
  7. Encourage expression of concerns, worries, or fears and encourage children to ask questions and be prepared to respond clearly. Your child can express concerns through art, movement, and/or verbal communication.
Dr. Elaine Fogel Schneider, author of Massaging Your Baby, Baby Massage Basics Application, has appeared in Parents Magazine, Zero to Three, and Young Exceptional Children, appears on television and radio, and has impacted thousands of families over thirty-five years. Her work also appears in textbooks for medical professionals, and she’s an international trainer for parents, educators, and therapists. Dr. Elaine is founder of Baby Steps, TouchTime®, and GetREAL Now™, helping families create possibilities for successful and fulfilling lives.

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