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CroppMetcalfe Academy ‘s HVAC and Plumbing apprenticeship program begins Monday, Aug. 14

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The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that careers in  plumbing and HVAC are projected to grow 12 to 14 percent faster than the employment average over the next decade.

Employers “continue to have difficulty” finding skilled plumbers and HVAC technicians, the bureau reports. The median salary for HVAC professionals in 2016 was nearly $46,000 while plumbers earned a median salary over $51,000.

Now is a great time to pursue a career in plumbing or HVAC. The CroppMetcalfe Academy is set to kick off on Monday, Aug. 14.

Who is CroppMetcalfe? CroppMetcalfe is one of Washington, D.C., Maryland and Northern Virginia’s leaders in plumbing, air conditioning and heating, electrical repair and pest control. Our award-winning company was established in 1979 and has built a solid reputation around the expertise of our five-star technicians. 

What is the CroppMetcalfe Academy? The CroppMetcalfe Academy is an accredited four-year apprenticeship program that offers comprehensive training for plumbing and HVAC candidates.

The CroppMetcalfe Academy is one of the tools we use to ensure that we have a steady source of outstanding talent joining our team. It also offers the opportunity for academy students to learn valuable skills that will be used throughout their professional career.

How does the CroppMetcalfe Academy work? The CroppMetcalfe Academy holds plumbing and HVAC night classes once a week from late summer through spring in our Fairfax location. Academy students are trained both in the classroom and in hands-on lab sessions by master instructors with over 40 years of field experience.

We maintain a low student-to-teacher ratio to make sure students get the attention they need, and have online course materials that allow them to study anywhere.

How much does CroppMetcalfe Academy cost? The Academy plumbing program is $1,690 while the HVAC program is $1,865. Tuition includes books, lab fees and online classes and can be paid quarterly by cash, check or credit card.

How do people learn more about CroppMetcalfe Academy? Need more info? Ready to enroll? Visit the Academy page on our website now to take your next step.

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