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Family-owned popcorn shop benefits from good design at new “hometown” location

Provided by Loveless Porter Architects, LLC

Deltone Moore, founder of Popcorn Monkey, says that the latest outpost of his family-owned, gourmet popcorn shop, opened in Manassas last month, is a homecoming. Moore noted that he long had an eye on owning a business in Manassas, but with the city’s 95 percent commercial occupancy rate, it was a matter of waiting for the right space to become available. Eventually, he found what he wanted in 9407 Main Street, a corner building in the historic downtown district.

Moore said that a new location meant familiarizing himself with building codes for the City of Manassas, and finding the best way to display the shop’s colorful array of products in the older, narrow building.

“The process to get a business started was incredibly swift. The city is efficient and just business friendly,” said Moore, who added that his architect’s knowledge of local regulations was helpful too.

“Sean Porter [of Loveless Porter Architects] knew what we had to do to get licensed and running. He was able to adjust design plans based on permitting to meet our target date of opening by First Friday. He stopped what he was doing, and got it done,” said Moore. He noted that Porter also maximized the available space so that customers could see everything that the store has to offer.

“Sean flipped my entire design, making it even more efficient than I imagined. That has a positive impact on customer experience and the bottom line,” said Moore. “Loveless Porter really listens to what you have to say. It was very easy working with Sean. He made what I envisioned  come to life.”

Being able to quickly see what is on the shelves is particularly important given Popcorn Monkey’s ever-changing inventory, Moore explained. The popcorn is made fresh, with different flavors on rotation based on client suggestions and online voting. In addition to small-batch popcorn, the shelves are stocked with a colorful assortment of unusual soft drinks, candy and branded popcorn tins.

Moore’s daughter, Jewell Moore, manages the Manassas location. For store hours and the latest popcorn flavors, visit

Based in Manassas, Loveless Porter Architects, LLC has provided full architectural and engineering services throughout the DMV since 1975, maintaining a reputation based on thoroughness and responsiveness. Good design – grounded in practical knowledge of construction – and detailed construction documents are hallmarks of the firm’s work for a diverse array of clients, including government, breweries, retail, commercial, and institutional projects include medical facilities, churches, schools, and manufacturing facilities. Learn more at

Quality, flavor and memories is what the Popcorn Monkey is all about. The family-owned company focuses on utilizing the finest ingredients and producing it one small batch at a time, offering freshly popped corn and rotating flavors. Learn more at

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