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Six Sun-Inspired Styles Celebrating the Solar Eclipse

Provided by DRS and Associates

Cosmic Commemoration, Sun-Inspired Styles

On August 21, the moon will momentarily align with the sun, blocking its rays and producing a rare natural phenomenon: a total solar eclipse—one observable across the United States. While this marks a noteworthy cosmological moment for seasoned astronomers, the excitement generated by more casual stargazers has gradually infused the public with a degree of enthusiasm for the incoming colossal yet transitory occurrence. This happy anticipation has filtered into the sphere of interior design, leading our team to curate a list featuring a number of products drawing inspiration from the sun. Explore the selections below, which pay homage to natural design and assist us in commemorating August’s solar eclipse.

THG® Paris: Infini

  • Displays a sunbeam-inspired design that is produced in collaboration with Haviland, the prestigious Limoges porcelain manufacturer
  • Haviland’s classic Infini pattern is reimagined in partnership with THG Paris to create this one-of-a-kind collection
  • French artisans meticulously engrave each piece by hand
  • Offered in a number of finishes, including white, gold and platinum

Corbett Lighting: Helios

  • Aptly named for the Greek god of the sun
  • An intricate work of art meant to be flush mounted to either a ceiling or wall
  • The majestic size, ranging from 27″ to 49″ W, enhances the sprawling sun-like fixture’s appeal
  • A center of scallop-shaped opal glass in a twist-lock design diffuses the LED light
  • Handcrafted iron and aluminum are finished in both hand-applied gold leaf and silver for beautiful contrast
  • Offered in three brilliant sizes that add a modern Grecian feel to hotels, resorts, spas and the most exclusive private homes


  • Amora Sun Mirror Features an eye-catching sunburst aesthetic
  • Inspired by classic mid-century modern mirrors and clocks
  • Complements the matching Amora vanity and brings out its metal detailing
  • Available in polished brass or polished nickel

Troy Lighting: Atomic

  • Inspired by Atomic Era design, Troy Lighting’s Atomic LED collection blasts off with mid-century modern flair
  • Constructed from solid brass and aluminum
  • Features laser cut blades that radiate from a gleaming circular center like the rays of the sun
  • Made dimmable with incandescent dimmers
  • Finished in polished brass or polished nickel with matte black
  • Crafted entirely in the USA and available as a flush mount or wall sconce

Hastings Tile & Bath: SOLI E LUNE TILES

  • Series of double-fired ceramic decorative wall tiles
  • Made with silk screening in platinum and pure gold on a glossy black background
  • Six different patterns sold individually
  • Designed by renowned Italian painter, sculptor, designer and engraver Piero Fornasetti

Mitzi: EMMA

  • Emma’s contrasting finishes echo the beginning of a solar eclipse
  • Emma’s round mixed metal shape is given an extra bit of design magic
  • The Emma sconce comes in one size: 6″ W x 8¾” H x 7″ E
  • Available in aged brass/black, polished copper/black and polished nickel/black

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