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Service Authority to Begin Lining Sewer Mains along Telegraph Road

Provided by Prince William County Service Authority

The Prince William County Service Authority has begun performing important rehabilitation work on the sanitary sewer system in easements near the Potomac Festival shopping center and Telegraph Road in Woodbridge.

The work is expected to take approximately six weeks to complete. Because this rehabilitation work is “trenchless,” there will be virtually no impact on traffic. The inside of sanitary sewer pipes will be lined with a resin-like substance, called Cured-in-Place-Pipe or CIPP, which helps protect the mains from tree root intrusion and corrosion that can occur over long periods of time. The lining process is done instead of replacing the pipe, which is often a much more costly and disruptive measure for both customers and the utility.

CIPP also prevents groundwater infiltration into the sanitary sewer system during rain events, which helps reduce the amount of flow to the wastewater treatment plant.

The average sewer pipe lasts about 40 years, while CIPP can extend that lifespan to 90 years.

Each year, the Service Authority inspects more than a hundred miles of sewer line to determine where CIPP would be most effective. Since July 2017, the Service Authority has lined nearly two miles of sewer main.

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