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Be Ready for Turkey Day Early

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The holidays are upon us! Yes, we’re nearing that time of year where most of us run on little sleep, with frazzled brains and the craziest of schedules. But this year, it can be different. You can wrangle this crazy holiday called Thanksgiving with a little planning and prepping. Get ready early this year and roll through the holiday stress free.

The Planning

Successful holiday meals and gatherings start with meticulous planning. If you’re a natural Type A, you already know this. If not, read on to find out how the Type As do it.

Grab a notepad, pen, calendar and your drink of choice, and settle into a comfy spot. As you sip, imagine what you want your holiday gathering to look like. What will you serve? How does the table look? Who is in attendance? From this vision, create your menu, and a shopping list for your decor.

Next, choose the menu items you can prepare ahead of time and freeze, and compile a list of their ingredients. Take a look at your calendar, and schedule in times for cooking each dish, up to two weeks before the holiday. To make it even easier, you can place an online grocery order for your recipe ingredients, and set a time for you or a personal assistant to pick it up. It’s amazing the time you can save with this service!

The Prepping

Once you’ve ordered those groceries, it’s time to dig in and start preparing! Mashed potato casserole, green bean casserole, cranberry sauce, pies and rolls (ready for baking) are great items to prepare ahead and freeze. Won’t it be glorious to only thaw and reheat so much of your Thanksgiving meal? Aim to finish all the food prep you can a week before the holiday.

A week and a half to a week before, order your turkey, if someone else will be preparing it for you. Complete your shopping for decorations and your table settings by then, too. Then, plan a rehearsal and set up your table the week before to make sure you’re happy with it and to avoid any last minute worries.

The Successful Culmination

The day or evening before, thaw all of your dishes from the freezer. Grab a glass of tea or wine, and enjoy the process of creating your Thanksgiving table settings. Put finishing touches on decorations, and make a timeline for your cooking the next day.

When you wake up on Thanksgiving Day, follow your plan to serve a delicious, home-cooked, stress-free and on-time meal to your family and friends. And remember to schedule in a little time to relax and count your blessings (and to marvel at the miracles of living like a Type A person, if only for one day a year.)

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