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Prince William County Police

Dominion Energy Scam

Provided by Prince William County Police

A scam is circulating in which a fraudulent number is provided that appears to be a legitimate number
for Dominion Energy. When this number is called, it sounds as though you would be speaking with an actual representative, when in fact it’s a scam. The representative will inform you the company is going to shut your power off unless you pay a certain amount of money via prepaid debit or credit cards.

Dominion Energy has the following information to avoid being scammed:
Scammers, pretending to be representatives of Dominion Energy, may call, text or email you or your
friends and request personal information such as a Social Security Number, credit card number or bank
account number. They may be trying to take your identity, your money or both.

If you receive a suspicious call, try to capture the phone number. Don’t reply.

Hang up. Report suspicious calls, texts and email to Dominion Energy and the police department to
help prevent you or others from being another victim. Dominion Energy does not call, text or email
customers asking for confidential information.

Some scammers may try to pressure victims by claiming their utility service will be shut off if immediate
payment is not received (cash, prepaid debit or credit cards.) While Dominion Energy may phone
customers whose bills are in arrears to remind them payment is due, they will never ask for specific
payment information – but only direct customers how to make a payment. If you have a problem paying
your bills, they will work with you to figure out a reasonable payment plan – Dominion Energy will not
threaten you.

When in doubt, contact Dominion Energy using a verified legitimate number found on your statement, website or directory.

Scammers may also visit you in person, asking for immediate payment, personal information, or
requesting to enter your home.

If you are uncertain whether someone claiming to be a Dominion Energy employee actually works for
the company, first request to see the employee’s photo identification card for verification; also look for
vehicles clearly displaying the Dominion Energy logo.

Even then, never allow anyone in your house or apartment who claims to be a Dominion Energy
representative unless you have scheduled an appointment or reported a problem.

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