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Road Crews Preparing for Slick Roads Tuesday Morning

Provided by Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT)

Virginia Department of Transportation crews are preparing for more winter weather, this time during Tuesday morning rush hour.

Crews reapplied anti-icing treatment on the roads Monday. The storm is currently forecasted to arrive very early Tuesday morning, and crews will mobilize around midnight to treat problem areas with salt and sand as needed ahead of rush hour.

Drivers are asked to:

  • Continue to check weather forecasts, as storm timing and intensity can change. Temperatures are expected to hover right around freezing.
  • Factor in extra time or consider delaying their morning commute.
  • Consider every road to be an icy road, especially in the dark.
  • Reduce your speed and always use your headlights.
  • Be patient; remember that many fellow drivers are not comfortable driving in adverse weather conditions.
  • Take it slow on bridges, ramps, and overpasses, and other known trouble spots.
  • Ensure gas tanks and windshield wiper fluid tanks are full.

Stay informed of current road conditions and VDOT’s efforts:

Before heading out, take time to update the emergency kit in your car. Here’s how:

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