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Baby, It’s Cold Outside! Winter Staging Tips for a Quicker Home Sale

Provided by Marcia Goodman Real Estate


When you have your home on the market, you’re looking for the fastest and most profitable sale possible. To ensure you get the outcome you’re looking for, it’s essential to incorporate staging. Professionally staged homes can sell for up to 10 percent more. And in the somewhat slower winter months, this can be especially helpful.

Some staging projects are very simple. During the winter, aim to warm up your buyers. Warm them up physically and through their imaginations, and you’ll warm them up to the idea of purchasing your home. Try incorporating these staging techniques before you list your home.

Light It Up

In the winter, aren’t we all searching for more daylight? Make sure you have as much light as possible in your home as buyers tour. Open shades, curtains and blinds all the way. Turn all lights on, and be sure you’ve replaced any light bulbs that may have burned out. If you have showings around dusk, use timers or link lights to your smart home system to ensure buyers aren’t walking up to a dark home.

Highlight the Hearth

The fireplace is often the heart of a family room and exudes warmth on its own. Accentuate it even more by keeping a bin full of logs next to the hearth. Drape a quilt or blanket over the other corner. If you’re having an open house, light it up!

Use Cozy Throws

There’s nothing better on a cold night than snuggling up next to the fire under a warm blanket and reading a book or watching TV. Help your buyers imagine themselves all cozy in your home. Toss soft throws over arm chairs or the back of the couch.

Create a Grand Entrance

Though the holidays are over, you can still create a festive, wintry entrance to your home. Try a beautiful wreath, a new welcome mat, fresh light fixtures and even lighted topiaries. And make sure to turn the thermostat up a bit to welcome them in from the cold. A well-heated house goes a long way toward making buyers feel right at home.

Set the Stage

As buyers tour your home, in their minds, they’re imagining themselves in the space. Make it easier by creating scenes. Set a wooden cutting board with a vegetable or two on the counter under some accent lighting to help them envision preparing a meal. Place a tray with a book, small teapot and cup next to a cozy reading chair (where you’ve already placed a throw!) Turn your bathroom into a spa escape with plush robes, lush towels, decorative soaps and a basket of rolled towels.

None of these projects are expensive or overly time consuming, but their impact is big. Tour your home with these tips in mind and really set the stage for successful showings — and a sale!


Marcia Goodman, Realtor with Samson Properties, Gainesville, VA is a highly credentialed, experienced staging realtor specializing in residential real estate. To learn more about how she can help you prepare for your next move, or to receive her free staging eBook, contact Marcia by clicking here, or call 703-819-4776.

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