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Manassas City Police Department 2017 Complaint and Commendation Report

Provided by Manassas City Police Department

The purpose of this report is to present a statistical summary and analysis of the complaints received and tracked by the Office of Professional Standards (OPS) in Calendar Year 2017. As complaints regarding the actions of Department members are received, they are tracked through the OPS from initiation to completion.  In 2017, there were a total of 19 complaints made regarding the actions of 21 employees, all but one were sworn members.  Three officers had two separate complaints, while the rest had one each.  Of all the complaints, four were made internally by other members of the department and the remainder from citizens outside the Department.  This year’s listing also show that three sworn supervisors received one complaint and one  sworn supervisor received two complaints.

In 2017, the Department responded to 50,289 calls for service.  This gives an approximate ratio of one citizen-generated complaint for every 2646 calls for service.  Although this is an overall slightly higher rate of complaints as compared to the 2016 statistics (1:1945), the numbers are statistically comparable and do not suggest any troubling trends. These numbers essentially show that less than one percent of calls for service result in a complaint.  These numbers continue to be statistically low, which reflects favorably upon the Department and its members when dealing with the public.

In 2017, over half (53%) of the 19 complaints investigated were closed with a finding of Exonerated, Not Sustained, or Unfounded.  Of all the investigations, where violations were sustained, the majority of the disciplinary action taken resulted with the employee being placed on probation or days off. Four of the complaints made were internally reported.  This reflects favorably upon our continued ability to hold our members accountable for their behavior and conduct.

This analysis finds no negative trend or pattern in relation to misconduct and policy violations by members of this department.  The few disciplinary measures taken were mostly progressive in nature with one administrative leave with pay.  These measures have promoted compliance and have led to more positive outcomes.

The Office of Professional Standards will continue to track complaints and monitor investigations to ensure fairness and strict adherence to policy.  This office is also responsible in ensuring that citizens, as well as department members, have adequate channels of reporting member misconduct and initiating complaints.

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