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Stonewall Middle School students at SERVE

Stonewall Middle School Students Selling Socks and Changing Lives

Buying a pair of socks may seem trivial, but for students at Stonewall Middle School, it meant making a difference. A group of dedicated middle schoolers sold 300 pairs of socks, enough to purchase a prosthetic leg for an amputee and provide 100 pairs of socks to a local homeless shelter.

Each year, eighth grade students in Roberta Bosak’s gifted education class choose a service project to help give back to the community. This year, the class chose to support the Socks for Legs program through the We Help Two organization. The We Help Two organization assists with matching those who cannot afford a prosthetic leg with school groups that want to raise funds by selling socks. In addition to raising money to buy a prosthetic leg, the students receive a free pair of socks to donate to a homeless shelter for every pack they sell.

Bosak shared, “We started planning the project a month in advance. We created PowerPoint presentations for teachers to share in their classes, made posters to put up around the school, and wrote daily announcements to promote the project. We also made a giant poster to keep track of how many socks were sold.”

In the end, the students reached their goal. Not only did they receive a picture of the child who received the prosthetic leg, but also visited the Northern Virginia Family Service shelter to donate 100 pairs of socks in person.

By Prince William Living

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