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Blessings from Curses: The Swear Jar Campaign

Provided by Imagine

We’re big on finding ways to give this time of year. Here’s how you can help the community this holiday season.

You may be familiar with the work Imagine does both for clients and for the community. One of our community projects is the Swear Jar Campaign, which raises money for a local family or person in need of a little extra help. While we love supporting non-profit organizations, this is our way of giving back on a more personal level.

The family receiving the funds this year wishes to remain anonymous, but we can tell you a bit of their story and why it moved us. A husband and father of two decided to turn his lifelong passion into a business, and his wife supported his dream. While the company enjoyed popularity and even some early expansion, the revenue just didn’t outpace the costs. No matter where they tried to cut back, they too often found themselves staring at an empty bank account.

Eventually, the couple made the difficult decision to close the business and sell their home–the first that they had ever owned. As they work to rebuild their lives, we invite you to join us in making the transition a little easier. “Curse for a cause” and drop a donation into our swear jar at the office, or donate online, until Dec. 21.

Read about our last Swear Jar recipient here, and follow us on Facebook for updates on the Swear Jar Campaign.

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