4 Activities to Help Your Family “Spring Forward”

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By Jennifer Halter

This month, we will experience a change of season as winter transitions into spring. On March 10th, we’ll also begin Daylight Savings Time as we set our clocks ahead by one hour. In our family, that means getting
excited about more sunlight during our days and more opportunities to enjoy warm weather activities.

Here are four fun activities you can do with your family as you “spring forward” and welcome the new season!

  1. Grow something new. You don’t need a large yard to grow something new to welcome spring. You
    can use small planters and pots that can be placed on your porch, on your deck or in the window sill to grow herbs and flowers. Another idea for a group activity is to use mini paper cups. Fill each cup about ¾ full with potting soil, add seeds of your choice and water. Once the sprouts begin to grow,  transplant them into a larger pot.
  2. Find spring. Take a walk around your neighborhood or at a local park and look for signs that spring is
    coming. Have the kids play a game of I-Spy as they search for budding flowers and freshly growing leaves on trees. You can also compare old, dry leaves to new ones and discuss the differences in color and texture. Make note of sounds as well, such as chirping birds or buzzing insects.
  3. Clean. Although this probably won’t be a favorite activity for every member of the family, spring is the perfect time to clean and organize. Have each child try on warm weather clothes you have stored to see how much they’ve grown and donate or consign what no longer fits. Evaluate family chores and decide if they need to be adjusted as schedules change to accommodate spring activities or if they are still age-appropriate. Ask each family member to find 10 things they no longer use to donate and help declutter the home.
  4. Plan outdoor fun. Spring will mean the return of opportunities to get outdoors with sporting events and festivals. Make a plan, as a family, of which events you would like to experience and write them on your calendar. Be sure to have a good mix of paid and free activities to help you stick to your family budget. Even if you don’t want to attend events, you can still plan your time outdoors exploring parks and other spaces.


Jennifer Halter (jenniferh@macaronikid.com) is the founder of Macaroni Kid in Woodbridge and Gainesville.  


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