5 Tips for Going Green for Earth Day & Every Day

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by Stacia D. Kelly, PhD, MHt

Local farmers marketEvery April we’re reminded to focus on reducing and reusing. It really should be an every day focus, but so many get caught up in the everyday stress of life that we let things slide. There are some little changes you can make everyday to help make a larger impact over all.

  1. Turn off the water while you brush your teeth. Want to calculate how much water you’re using in your home? Use the water calculator athttp://www.saveourh2o.org/water-use-calculator.

  2. Have broken crayons? Instead of throwing them away why not reuse them as for artwork (Pinterest has some great ideas) or participate in the National Crayon Recycle Program.

  3. Support your local farmers. Skip getting your fruits and veggies from the store and instead, grow your own or find a local farmer’s market. There are quite a few in the greater Prince William/Manassas area.

  4. Skip the plastic bags at the store. Instead, bring your own and save the plastic trees. Or, at least repurpose the plastic bags.

  5. Use more Earth friendly cleaning supplies. Make simple solutions of vinegar and water to clean the counters. For laundry detergent use baking soda, Borax, and distilled white vinegar.

Want to learn about the impact your actions are making on the Earth? Take your Earth Day Network Footprint – http://www.earthday.org/footprint-calculator – and find out. Visit the Prince William Living Facebook page and share up some of your favorite ideas on how to reduce your impact on our environment.


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