1st Flight Made on Runway Extension

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1st Flight Made on Runway Extension


Airport Maintenance staff Doug McCauley and Jeff Clayborn, R, S & T Project Engineer Nick Patterson, Airport Operations staff Richard Allabaugh and Juan Rivera, Pilot in Command Justin Matthews, Second in Command James O’Reilly and Mayor Harry J. Parrish II stand in front of Metropolitan Aviation’s Hawker 800XP.

City of Manassas, Virginia . . . . On Sunday, Nov. 18, staff from Metropolitan Aviation, the Manassas Regional Airport, the design engineer and Mayor Harry Parrish climbed onto Metropolitan Aviation’s Hawker 800XP to take the inaugural flight on the now 6,200 foot 16L-34R runway at Manassas Regional Airport.  The first flight took off at 9:10 a.m. and landed at 9:16 a.m. to cheers from all on board.


This runway extension project has been more than 10 years in the making and comes as a welcome accomplishment for the airport and for aviators around the area.  This 6,200 foot runway means that aircraft taking off and landing at the Manassas Regional Airportwill now have increased safety, especially in inclement weather.  The extended runway will actually help reduce noise for the surrounding area to the north and now most aircraft can maximize their take-off capabilities on thehottest summer days full of fuel and have the runway length to do it.


6,200 feet is a magic number to corporate aviators and brings the Manassas Regional Airport into a new aviation arena.  The City cut the offical ribbon on the runway extension on Nov. 21st.


“The Manassas Regional Airport is a great asset to the City of Manassas and surrounding Prince William County,” said City Manager John Budesky.  “The economic impact alone is an asset, but the Airport also serves as a transportation hub for our area.”


In 2010 an independent economic impact study done by the Virginia Department of Aviation reported that the Manassas Regional Airport has contributed more than $234.6 million in overall economic activity, generated more than $69 million in payroll and created more than 1,056 jobs for the economies of the City of Manassas and Prince William County.


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