8 Ways to Have a Happier Holiday Season

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by Rebecca Barnes

Woman sitting poolside doing yogaStress is part of our everyday life. The responsibilities of work and home can tax our bodies and minds. During
the holidays, it can be even more pronounced, with the pressures we place on ourselves for gift giving, decorating,
party planning and event attendance.

Stress can have a negative effect on your physical and mental health. Following are a few suggestions on how to
manage stress and manage a Merry Christmas:

Basic Stress Management Techniques

  • Get Physical. Go for a walk, hit the gym or play sports. Regular physical movement can help reduce stress.
  • Solve a problem. Take up word games, sudoku, online brain games to challenge yourself to learn  problem- solving skills.
  • Get organized. Much of holiday stress is due to the extra duties and chores. Make lists to help get things done.
  •  Learn to Relax. Take some quiet time each day to meditate or pray is a great way to reduce stress.
  •  Think Positive. The world is full of negative messages and sometimes it feels like they are all directed at you. Be your best friend and focus on positive thoughts. Read our motivational quotes each morning on social media. facebook.com/princewilliamliving.
  • Talk it out. Bottling up your feelings can lead to stress. Speak up (in a kind way) and learn to share your feelings.
  • Have FUN. With all of the demands on your time, are you making time for things YOU enjoy? Join a group with common interests, take up a hobby or just get together with friends. Laughter sometimes is the best medicine.
  • Let It Go. So what if the cookies aren’t decorated like Martha Stewart. Does it really matter if
    your wreath’s bow droops? Despite our tendencies to strive for perfection, it is not a requirement
    to an enjoyable holiday season.

Remember to slow down, take a deep breath and ENJOY the holidays. For more health and wellness
tips, visit our website princewilliamliving.com/category/health-and-wellness/.

Rebecca Barnes (rbarnes@princewilliamliving.com), Prince William Living publisher and OWL VFD
public information officer, regularly feels overworked and stressed. She combats this by
embarrassing attempts at yoga and frequent trips to Walt Disney World.




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