A Day Set Aside for Moms to be Lazy

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Provided by Prince William County

National Lazy Mom’s Day is not set aside to recognize lazy mothers. Instead, it is meant to encourage mothers to take a break, sit back and relax.

The day is observed on the first Friday of September and will fall on Sept. 3 this year.

Celebrating the day can mean giving mom time alone, sending her to a spa for some pampering, making her breakfast in bed or simply allowing her time for a nap. Mothers might also appreciate some time for shopping. Families can also help moms by taking over the chores so mothers can have a relaxing day.

Fathers might take the children out to give moms time alone at home. Ordering food for delivery would also keep mothers out of the kitchen for a day.

Unlike Mother’s Day when families often take mothers out to lunch or dinner, shower them with presents to show them how much they are loved and appreciated, the gifts for National Lazy Mom’s Day are less material, but still show mothers some gratitude.


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