A New Decade of Living in Prince William

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Nothing whispers of promise quite like a new year. And now that it’s a new decade, well—it’s more than just a whisper. We’ve been hearing the clink of champagne glasses, the tune of Auld Lang Syne and even some fireworks as residents and visitors of Prince William ring in 2020. In this spirit,
we bring you January’s feature, the first feature of the new decade, an article we hope will get you in the mood not just for making resolutions, but for making positive changes that are meaningful and lasting. Read what local experts say about finance, health, wellness and more as you consider how
you want the ensuing days to unfold.

Also, let’s think about how to spend time with the family this year. Especially if you have or work with children, you’ll want to read Family Fun. Learn how to get the whole gang involved in making and reaching goals. While you’re in the family frame of mind, take a peek at Local Flavor where we bring you to a seafood restaurant serving up delicious food while also serving the community. It’s the perfect place to spend some quality time with loved ones. Then in Destinations, enter the relaxation zone by enjoying a walk or a yoga class. We highlight just a few places where you can make that happen indoors and out.

In Lifelong Learning, we talk to the experts who work in conservation, educating the public. In Giving Back, we interview volunteers helping to keep Prince William beautiful. They are all on a mission to maintain our communities’ natural health and beauty.

This month, we’ve also got a health and wellness article on weight-loss surgery. Read how this procedure changed one woman’s life for the better. Then meet this month’s Change Maker, who works hard to make a positive difference in big and small ways, including through writing and reading. And in Taking Care of Business, you’ll discover how to practice self-leadership to better your business and your life. Plus, there’s
Home and Hearth and Finance to consider as you’re planning your days, year and decade.

We hope you take some time not only to enjoy the work we put into Prince William Living, but to spend a few moments considering possibilities. We believe that’s what setting goals is all about – dreaming of what can be, turning resolutions into reality. From all of us to all of you, happy 2020.

Rebecca Barnes


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