A Slice of Heaven: Tony’s NY Pizza

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By Dawn Klavon | Photos by Mark Gilvey

Nestled in Manassas, Bristow, and Haymarket are culinary gems that bring a slice of New York City to Northern Virginia. Tony’s NY Pizza has been serving authentic, mouthwatering New York-style pizza since 1989, creating a loyal following among both locals and pizza aficionados. Founded by the D’Agostino family, the original Manassas store has multiplied to now have three bustling Prince William shops.

A Slice of History

“They came over from Naples, Italy in ‘74,” says owner Giuseppe “Joe” D’Agostino about his father Antonio “Tony” D’Agostino, 73, and his uncles. “I grew up in the business, went to college and as soon as I came out of college, I went to work for Dad full-time.”

D’Agostino says his father and uncles learned the New York pizza trade in Brooklyn, then branched out, first opening a shop in West Virginia. In 1989, his father opened Tony’s NY Pizza, first located on Mathis Avenue in Manassas. The family patriarch loved pizza and was passionate about creating extraordinary, authentic Italian food. The Manassas restaurant soon became a hit and business grew. Today, many members of D’Agostino’s family, including Tony, are involved in the business.


“It is family run from top to bottom, for all the stores,” D’Agostino says. 

To meet the public demand for the popular pies and Italian cuisine, they opened several additional locations and moved the original location to 8891 Centreville Road at the Manassas Junction Shopping Center. It’s a local institution now, drawing loyal crowds who value tradition and quality.

Outstanding Cuisine

The menu at Tony’s NY Pizza is a tribute to Italy’s diverse culinary heritage. Pizza can be ordered by the slice, and the prices can’t be beaten. Diners will also discover a variety of pies to satisfy every palate — NY style, focaccia style, gluten-free, or Sicilian style. Tony’s offers an array of mouthwatering menu options, from calzones to subs to seafood dinners to chicken to classic pastas. Outstanding soup, veal, salad choices, and desserts round out the extensive menu.

Spaghetti and other Italian dishes are on the menu at Tony’s


“We basically concentrate on Neapolitan cooking — all the traditional recipes are Neapolitan recipes, made from scratch at every store — no gimmicks,” says D’Agostino. “The pizza is still a traditional New York pizza. We source the best quality ingredients and that really is what puts us apart. We try to import our own tomatoes from Italy, the best olive oils. The prime material is the best we can get and that’s part of the secret to why our stuff is so good.”

It’s All About Community

Tony’s NY Pizza isn’t just a place to grab a quick meal; it’s a hub for the local community. D’Agostino says the clientele has grown over the past three decades, and now profound relationships exist between customers and staff. 

“We have customers now that we’ve seen grow up and they’re bringing their kids in now,” he says. “It’s a great experience and a great feeling seeing them over and over again. It’s good food — homemade food — and there’s also that environment; it’s almost like ‘Cheers,’ you know, the bar where everyone knows your name!” 

D’Agostino has lived within Prince William for over three decades and is raising his own family here as well. He and his family members strive to create consistency among the three locations for the restaurants. 

“Obviously everyone will have their favorites, you can never have them exactly the same,” D’Agostino says. “The recipes are all the same, and I pop in and out of all three, making sure that things are done correctly and the recipes are being followed from the original recipes we have had the past 30 years.”

A Slice of Heaven To Go

In addition to their welcoming dine-in experience, Tony’s NY Pizza offers speedy takeout service, making it a go-to spot for busy families and pizza lovers on the move. 

Looking toward the future, D’Agostino says his children are grown and coming into the business, just as he did years ago. Together with cousins and extended family, they plan to continue serving Prince William with excellent cuisine and unparalleled service. 

“We’re looking to maintain the consistency and the business at the stores that we do have,” D’Agostino says, “with the potential of opening up new stores in the future, once this next generation is up and ready to go to handle stores of their own.”

The D’Agostino family’s passion, commitment to quality, and warm hospitality have made these pizzerias landmarks in their respective communities. 

“We’re foodies; we live at our stores,” D’Agostino says. “It’s not just a 9 to 5 job for us; it’s a lifestyle.”

Tony’s NY Pizza is located at 8801 Centreville Road, Manassas, 703-330-8909; Dominion Valley Market Square, 5361 Merchants View Square, Haymarket, 571-248-6290; and Bristow Center, 10314 Bristow Center Drive, Bristow, 703-367-0022.

Dawn Klavon is a regular contributing writer for Prince William Living.




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