A Stopover in Fredericksburg, Virginia

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By John Cowgill

Kenmore in Fredericksburg, Virginia

Fredericksburg, Virginia — that town you drive past on I-95 South — is a hidden gem for sightseers, as there is so much to see here that you cannot see it all in one day.  The great thing with it being so close to home is that you will not have to spend money on a hotel room.

What is there to see?

Fredericksburg was the site of four Civil War battles, to include Chancellorsville, where the Confederate General Thomas ‘Stonewall’ Jackson was accidentally shot by one of his own men.  You can visit the Fredericksburg Battlefield, Spotsylvania Battlefield and Court House Battlefield.

Then you have Chatham Manor, a mansion built across the river from Fredericksburg that served as the Union headquarters during the battles.  You can visit Ferry Farm, where George Washington lived during his boyhood years.  You have Gari Belcher’s ‘Belmont’, the Virginia home of a famous painter. In town, you have Kenmore, the home of Fielding Lewis and Betty Washington Lewis (the sister of George Washington), and you can also visit James Monroe’s law office which is now a library and museum.  You can see the home of Mary Washington, the mother of George Washington, and you can see the Mary Washington Monument.  That is not even half of the historic sites, and there are also art galleries and the many great restaurants.

As you can see, Fredericksburg has so much to see.  Therefore, as you take a drive along I-95, make a stopover in Fredericksburg.  You will be happy that you did.


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