A Summer State of Mind

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By Roxy L. Rowton

Here in Northern Virginia, the summer weather can be uncomfortably hot, creating sartorial conundrums in the everyday wardrobe.

Although the summer months call for a loosening up of the wardrobe, one should not have to sabotage style nor appearance for the sake of comfortable dress. Garments ready for summer’s sizzling temperatures offer subtle instruction in wardrobe versatility. Curating a wardrobe that takes one through the summer begins with thoughtfully considered separates that balance function with form, simplicity with versatility, and quality with style. All that is necessary is a skillful coordination of a handful of key essential pieces to make outfits that combine poise and comfort. Garments fashioned from ultra-light fabrics, yet simply styled with comfort come to mind. A weightless wardrobe of supima, silk, linen, rayon, seersucker, madras, poplin, and tropical wool lend themselves nicely to comfort, movement, and breathability.

  • Define summer sensibility with elevated separates that make the warm-weather both practical and beautiful. Build the summer wardrobe from garments that are relevant to one’s lifestyle activities and underscore one’s philosophy of modern dress codes for home, office, travel, recreation, and beyond.
  • Refine the summer routine with key essentials that give breadth to the warm-weather collection and generate an ease for mixing and matching. Versatility is not necessarily about lots of garments, but rather being resourceful with the quantity of garments in the closet. The success of the summer wardrobe mix is more about how the garments relate to one another.
  • Thoughtfully invest in the summer capsule closet by choosing pieces mindfully crafted to endure the test of time. Reflect on essentials and elevated separates that are meaningful compositions of thoughtful design, ultra-fine fabrics, and substantial functionality. Consider value — the significance, the worth, and the usefulness of each individual piece in the summer capsule.

Give the summer wardrobe the cool factor with simple silhouettes that combine luxury and practicality, whimsy and sensibility, and style and quality.  Artful touches such as embroidery, tassels, lace, fringe, crochet, drawstrings, and ruffles will keep you smiling throughout the summer.  Take light-as-air textiles such as linen, rayon, seersucker, madras to pair with favorite everyday denim and cotton pieces.  Standout colors look fresh and relevant in optimistic prints, ultra-light fabrics, and summer ready silhouettes.

Cool summer’s sizzle with a season-perfect blend of sunshine to go and an easy-to-wear summer capsule that provides options galore from dawn to dusk, from desk to off-duty, to cityscape to beachside, and everywhere-in-between.  This summer, build better by bestowing to oneself a warm-weather capsule that embodies chic, cool, and comfortable.  The summer wardrobe really can cover all three!

Photo by Artem Bali from Pexels

Wardrobe and style consultant, Roxy L. Rowton (rlrowton@everydayrefinement.com) spends much of her workweek in the closet or fitting room helping women build their very best wardrobe. She has two-plus decades in the fashion, apparel, and beauty industries.



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