A Visit to Neabsco Regional Park

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By John Cowgill

The water of the creek flows; ducks are floating around. The crane flaps its wings. The wind blows the grass and cattails rising out of the water. Nature surrounds you. It is very peaceful.  Then a truck does an engine break while barreling down Blackburn Road.

Welcome to the Neabsco Regional Park in Woodbridge.  It is an urban oasis nestled between the historic sites of Rippon Lodge and Leesylvania State Park, with the Neabsco Creek flowing through the marsh. After the entry gates, there’s a boardwalk over the marsh filled with the sounds of nature, along with the ducks, the cranes, the snakes, the turtles, and the sea gulls. (For those who hate snakes, you are safe if you are on the boardwalk.)

Neabsco Regional Park is completely wheelchair accessible except for two overlooks.  Otherwise, those who require wheelchairs to get around can be in the middle of nature on a suspended boardwalk.

Neabsco Regional Park is located at 15125 Blackburn Road, about half a mile east of U.S. Route 1 and one mile east of Interstate 95 from the Dale City-Rippon Landing exit.  It is owned and operated by Prince William County Parks, Recreation and Tourism.  The park is open sunrise to sunset, and parking is on site.

The next time you need to get away, but you cannot get away, Neabsco Regional Park is a great place where you can do just that.

John Cowgill (johnbcowgill1@gmail.com) loves to visit historic places to include lesser known sites.  He loves taking road trips, and he loves railroads.  You can also follow him on Facebook at ‘John Cowgill: Photographic Journeys’ and John Cowgill: DC Railroad Examiner.  You can also check out ‘John Cowgill: Stories of the Railroad’ at johncowgillstoriesoftherailroad.com.

Neabsco Regional Park, Cowgill

The marsh at Neabsco Regional Park

Neabsco Regional Park, Cowgill

Neabsco Creek flows through the marsh


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