A week with the Chevy Traverse

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Safety, Comfort and Response

by Rebecca Barnes, Publisher, Prince William Living

Recently I got the opportunity to drive a Chevy Traverse for a week.  Being a “mini-van Mom” I was open to trying the Traverse because of its optimal seating and size.  I expected it to be a nice experience.  I didn’t expect it to make me a better driver!  More on that in a minute.

I received the Traverse for a daytrip to #MountVernon but had it for a few days before and after the visit.  I was able to drive it around #PrinceWilliamCounty and #ManassasCity, in stop and go traffic and parallel parking, both of which the #Traverse did great.

#MountVernon was cold the day we went, but the heated seats and steering wheel took the edge off the cold. Highway driving was quiet and responsive. The safety features included lane change alert, which helped avoid “Mr. Speedy sneak into my blind spot” as I was changing lanes. (Welcome to Northern Virginia) And handy parking features like the rear camera mirror with surround view and rear park assist made parallel parking a breeze.

The Traverse is a nice looking vehicle.  Mine was #BlackCurrentMetalic which is reminds me of Cherry Coke (Zero for some of us.) The all leather interior makes for easy cleaning, and the interior design allows for lots of pockets and organizational spaces that someone clearly put a lot of thought into.  

The interior space is impressive.  Grocery shopping was easy with hands free lift gate – just kick your foot under the bumper and the trunk door opens.  And with the ample cargo space, I had no trouble storing my awkward #firedepartment gear, or the usual “just in case” items I keep in the car. Split seating made taking the group for an outing easy.

Some extra nice touches were the cupholders (for the excessive amounts of coffee/coke zero I drink) and the sound system with delivered me with my prerequisite 80’s tunes. After a week of driving the Traverse, I was sad to go back to my momvan. Check out one at your local #chevydealer,  #lindsayChevrolet or #BominChevrolet


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