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Girl Code IncProvided by Girl Code Inc.

Like many other moms, Nicole Naples was in the midst of raising a pre-teen and helping her navigate the struggles of adolescence.

Girl Code Inc. was created while Nicole was looking for a community with other moms and daughters where we could support and inspire each other. She wanted to empower her daughter and teach her how to develop healthy relationships with peers and family, learn how to navigate peer pressure and strengthen self-confidence.

Nothing existed, She Naples decided to start her own community.  She created an event on Facebook inviting moms and daughters to come together to discuss the topics listed above. They met at a local grocery store.

Forty -two moms and daughters showed up. Naples was in awe. Forty-two moms and daughters were craving what she was craving; connection, support and accountability.

One of the popular topics called “The Fab 5.” This is where it gets fun. This is where they learn about WHO they want to be, and the GOALS they want to ACHIEVE. They also learn if the people they spend the most time with support, encourage and challenge them to reach those goals.

The meetings are free. The group discusses a different topic each month. Recent topics have included goal setting, communication, insecurities, nutrition and fitness and confidence.

Pop-up Girl Code Inc. meetings are held once a month. The days and times can be found here.

They talk about it all, the good, the scary and the awkward. Their goal is to establish a platform where mothers and daughters can be themselves and develop strategies to navigate through life’s struggles.

Calling all Moms and Daughters!

Girl Code Inc. will host its first “Courage” conference Sunday, Aug. 18 at Evolution Basketball (7679 Limestone Drive #115, Gainesville) from 5:00-9:00 p. m.


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