Advanced Photoshop Training by PWL Photographer Mark Gilvey

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Expand your knowledge of Photoshop by digging deeper into making your images work they way you want them to by attending My Advanced Photoshop workshop.

Master landscape photographer, Ansel Adams used to speak about the need for pre-visualization—seeing in your minds eye what the image will look like when printed before you click the shutter release. Sometimes it’s not about the moment that was captured but rather what we envisioned the moment as. If your vision is what you want the viewer to see then you need to expand your skills beyond staying true to the scene and the moment of capture. My Advanced Photoshop is a workshop designed to do just that.

Program Preview

From Thanksgiving to Christmas eve, I ran a survey for attendees to tell me what they would be interested in learning about and if they would submit images that I could demonstrate the techniques they wanted to learn. The result are in and the list of topics is shaping up as follows :

  • HDR
  • Working With Textures
  • Making Selections and Extractions (covered in demo files)
  • Spotting and Repairing
  • Black and White (covered in demo files)
  • Getting Creative

Below I have included a few cropped samples of what I have received for image submissions; you really to see the full images to get the full impact (come to the workshop):

Bridge Enhancement Preview

  • A head swap operation – a challenge for every portrait photographer
  • Bridge at sunset: We’ve all taken similar photos; you shoot into the sun and everything in front of you is in shadow…muddy shadow. The challenge was to pull as much color as possible out of the shadows and improve/enhance the cloudy sky. In 11 layers I’ll show you how to pull the color out, improve the sharpness, working with just RAW files in Photoshop! You’ll see Layer Mask usage to control global settings and “image modeling” as well as strategies for using Grouped Layers.White Egret Enhancement Preview
  • White Egret: The challenge here was the photographer had a low contrast image and wanted to direct more attention to the bird, but there was another problem, the highlights on the bird were blown out beyond the point of return. In about 10 layers I will show you, using Layer Masks, the Pen Tool to create selections and the Refine Edge tool for improving the selection, several color Adjustment Layers and “image modeling” to direct the eye where you want it to go. We even dive into NIK filters a little.
  • Jetty at Sunset: An image taken at sunset that could go either black & white or color. The challenge was to take the subtle textures, enhance them and add some “image modeling” to take it to a new level.
  • And more!I also have a photo of a cascading waterfall from Skyline Drive that a photographer wants to look more natural and I will be adding things of my own to cover the rest of the bullet list above. It’s a lot to fit into just four hours.

On Saturday, January 24, 2015, Mark Gilvey (of Mark Gilvey Creative, and the Manassas Warrenton Camera Club will present a four hour workshop—customized to your content! You don’t have to be a member of MWCC to attend this workshop.


MWCC-MEMBERS: $35.00 click here to register
NON-MEMBERS: Save $10 by joining MWCC! Follow the steps below. If you don’t want to join (and save $10) or you can pay $75 at the door.

  1. Click here to become a member of MWCC and then
  2. Click here to register for the event
    Location: 8601 Mathis Ave. Manassas, VA 22010
    Time: 12PM – 4:00PM

MWCC Members
Please contact Michael Wine 703.819.5011 (5pm – 9pm) for questions, or[email protected] so we can get a head count.

This workshop is not for the absolute beginner and assumes some basic skill with Photoshop. Learning more about Photoshop is much easier when you already know some of the basics. As a minimum, workshop participants should be comfortable with their camera, understand the basic elements of composition, and know how to make a correct exposure. Participants should also have an understanding of the Develop module in Lightroom and the differences between adjusting an image there, vs. in Photoshop.

It is expected that you know some basic Photoshop operations to include:

  • How to use brushes
  • How to make basic selections
  • How to remove minor spots and blemishes using the Rubber Stamp tool
  • What a layer is and how to create one
  • What is a high resolution image vs a low resolution image

Once you have the basics down, you will find that learning the really cool stuff is so much easier. The good news is that January is still a few months away so spending a little time on YouTube or Adobe TV each week between now to learn the basics will reap great benefits and ensure that you will be ready for the workshop in January! Photoshop offers a mountain of possibilities for you to take your photography to new heights.

See you in January!


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