Album Release Party at Uptown Alley

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Provided by Clarence Brown

What was initially a senior project for a Colgan High School student turned into a full blown LP. Clarence T Brown III (T) has always been involved in music. He started playing the drums at age 2, and he has parlayed that early beginning into so much more. Initially conceived as a small music project where T would use his musical talents to make a few instrumental songs, the project turned into a nine-track compilation of original music and collaborative lyrics with his schoolmates. This work, titled First Class: The Legacy, is scheduled to be released during an Album Release Party on September 19. 2017.

First Class: The Legacy allowed T to combine his talents as a musician with his goal of bringing in talented artists to perform his works. With the development of each track, T had a Colgan High School student in mind to bring the song alive. The students were invited to Downsteps, T’s production studio, to hear the music and collaborate on the lyrics and record in the isolation booth. From that point, T went to work mixing his masterpiece until it was finally complete.

The First Class album is set to be released during an album release party at Uptown Alley in the Manassas Mall. This event, which is free and open to the public, will allow attendees to hear the music publicly for the first time, and to hear the artist’s and producer’s visions for their songs. There will also be a live performance and a question and answer session.

Here is a link to his first released original single on Soundcloud. Midnight Blues



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