Ana Davis and Tarek Aly of Manassas Utility Complete Phase One of Elite Public Power Manager Certification

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Contributed by Manassas

City of Manassas Utility Managers Attend Specialized Training Program

Ana Davis, City of Manassas Utilities customer services manager and Tarek Aly, City of Manassas deputy director of utilities, completed phase one of an elite, one-year, public power manager certification program offered by the American Public Power Association (APPA). The initial class was in Myrtle Beach, SC with completed leadership projects due within a year. Davis and Aly will be the only City utilities employees to receive the certification. For more information, go to or call 703-257-8219.

The Public Power Manager Certificate Program is geared toward mid-and upper-level public power managers providing organizational direction in a changing industry. To earn a Public Power Manager (PPM) certificate, participants must complete three required courses.  Then, within a year of completing the program curriculum, each participant must complete a plan that outlines an issue, challenge or opportunity within his/her organization and explain how to work through it by applying the six key leadership principles and methods learned in class. To maintain certification, participants must complete 20 hours of additional approved continuing education training (not limited to APPA offerings) every two years.

APPA Public Power Manager Certification Program includes: Electric Utility Industry Overview, Financial Planning, Budgeting and Performance: What Managers Need to Know, Strategic Leadership for Public Power, and a focus on six key leadership areas: accountability, character, community, empowerment, service and sustainability. Certificate candidates must also submit a plan that addresses a chronic business issue, complex opportunity or change initiative using elements from the six key leadership principles learned in class and create a plan that addresses complex opportunity using elements from the six key leadership principles learned in class.

“Ana and Tarek are excellent candidates for the APPA management certification, both have demonstrated commitment and leadership skills, and this program will help enhance and develop their expertise,” said Mike Moon, director of City of Manassas public works and utilities department.


Established in 1913, the City of Manassas Utilities/Public Works department ensures the availability of safe, reliable water usage, electric utilities, as well as provides responsive maintenance and collection services at an affordable cost to citizens of Manassas, Va., Manassas Park, Va. and parts of Prince William County, Va. A platinum-level winner of the Reliable Public Power Provider, it is noted for its environment-friendly projects and equipment, while tasked with capital projects that enhance public and private infrastructure. The utilities team participates in community fundraisers, like Toys for Tots, the United Way, American Public Power Association Tree Power and Arbor Day. The department holds memberships with America Public Power Association, American Water Works Association, American Public Works Association and the Prince William County Chamber of Commerce.

The City of Manassas, Va. is an independent city that is rich in history and tradition.  It is 10-square miles of homes, the arts, entertainment and community events.  With more than 38,000 residents, the City serves as a transportation and business hub that offers great restaurants and shops, events and parades.  Incorporated in 1975, the City of Manassas is 30 miles southwest of Washington, D.C. and surrounded by Prince William County. For more information, visit


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