Animal Shelter Design Phase Nears Completion

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Provided by Prince William County

Everything is on track for the new $15.1-million animal shelter to be completed on schedule in early 2021. The design for the shelter is set to be finished in January with plan review to follow. Permitting and bidding is set to occur between January and May of 2019.

Construction is scheduled to begin in June 2019 with occupancy planned for February 2021, according to Tom Bruun, director of the Prince William County Public Works Department. “We are where we want to be at this point from a schedule perspective.”

In addition to being on schedule, the projected cost for the finished shelter remains the same, Bruun said. “We’ve done several professional estimates on this project and we’re within the budget.”

Prince William County Spokesman Jason Grant said the project is proceeding at a pace consistent with other projects of similar size. “The length of time from when the board approved the animal shelter concept to when the contract will be awarded is due to the time necessary to create formal architectural and engineering designs that allow us to bid out the project and award a contract. The design phase for a capital project of this scope is typically 12 to 18 months.”

With designs being completed, the county will soon put the project out to bid. According to Grant, once bids are received the county will have firm costs proposals, and then be able to address whether there will be any necessary changes to the scope of cost of the project. “All of our projects are subject to materials and labor cost increases that are outside of our control, however, as of this time we remain on schedule and within budget to deliver the animal shelter as approved by the board.”


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