April 18 to 24 is Crime Victims’ Rights Week

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Provided by Prince William County

Crime can have a lasting impact on anyone regardless of race, national origin, age, gender, religion, creed, sexual orientation, economic or immigration status.

The Board of County Supervisors recently proclaimed April 18 to 24 as Crime Victims’ Rights Week in Prince William County to promote enlisting the help of existing community experts and trusted sources to fully serve survivors and develop a criminal justice system that is accessible and appropriate for all crime victims.

In recognizing the week, the Board also confirmed its unwavering support of survivors’ communities, along with the victim service providers that help empower survivors to face their fear, grief, anger, loss and to offer hope without fear of judgement so they can feel heard, understood and respected.

The proclamation stated that the Board is committed to helping crime survivors find support for recovery, justice and a sense of hope for their future.

Crime Victims’ Rights Week serves to provide all victims of crime opportunities to get accessible, appropriate and trauma-informed services.


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