April is Autism Acceptance Month

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Provided by Prince William County

Autism is a lifelong, complex disability that typically appears in early childhood and can affect a person’s social skills and personal and social interaction. People with autism can have trouble with non-verbal communication, show atypical speech patterns, have difficulty making and keeping friends and show difficulty in everyday conversations.

In 1970, the Autism Society recognized April as Autism Awareness Month and began an ongoing campaign to raise awareness of the symptoms, signs and realities of living with autism.
This year, the Autism Society is urging people to recognize Autism Awareness Month as Autism Acceptance Month, with its “Celebrate Differences” campaign to promote acceptance, stir change and make sure that all people who are affected by autism can achieve the fullest life possible.
In 2004, one out of 125 children in the United States had autism. In 2020, that number rose to one in 59. The goal of the Autism Society, in recognizing the increase, is to provide printable and digital resources, establish community partnerships, build partnerships with organizations and businesses and to work to include all in the community who are touched by autism.
The Autism Society of Northern Virginia, whose mission is to improve “the lives of autistic individuals and their families through community-building, advocacy and education,” can offer help, resources and support for area residents affected by autism. Call 571-328-5792, or email info@asnv.org for more information.

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