Arches Gallery Artists: People’s Choice Award Winners for August Exhibition

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The Arches Gallery Artists have announced the winners of theA ugust People’s Choice Award for the current exhibition in Building W9 at the Workhouse Arts Center in Lorton. The People’s Choice winners were chosen during the monthly 2nd Saturday Art Walk on Aug. 11. An increased number of members had their work was selected for awards, with clear choices for first, second, and third.

This month, featured artist John Hartt’s paintings fill the front of Arches Gallery, including these that took People’s Choice awards. “Free Beer (and other lies)” is on display until Sunday, Sept. 2.

1st Place

“Mr. Jingles” by John Hartt

“Mr. Jingles” mixed media, 2018.
Please come sit and have a beer with me. It’s been ages since I’ve had visitors and I’m oh so lonely. Don’t listen to those silly stories about my guests vanishing after a visit with me, they’re only just stories. I long to sit and chat with someone as fascinating as you. Oh, no no, I would never hurt anyone as interesting as you, look, I don’t even have a body. Please come sit and have a beer with me.

Arches Gallery Artists

“Cappy” by John Hartt

2nd Place
“Cappy” oil, 2018.
An excerpt from his self-summary on Although some of my exes describe me a boring sloth, I’m kind of a fun-loving guy who likes long walks through the brewery and, well that’s really all. I like ale, lager and hard cider. My ideal girl will accept me for who I am and try not to smack me in the face with a bottle opener.



3rd Place
“Beer Gnomes” oil, 2018.
Standing around two feet tall, slightly taller than their cousins of the garden variety, beer gnomes inhabit the inner parts of the brewery and act as guardians of the brewery’s recipes. Despite their small frames, beer gnomes are extremely nimble and not as weak as many of their foes assume, and when provoked will act quite mercilessly. But fear not, an offering of pickled rabbits feet or string cheese will usually appease the beer gnome.

John works primarily in oils, and dabbles in sculpture, 3D work, acrylics and digital media. He leans towards a bright, colorful palette with subject matter ranging from whimsical to “just plain weird.” His goal is simple – he wants his art to make people smile. To learn more about John’s artwork, visit or on Instagram at @jo.rtt


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