Arches Gallery Artists: People’s Choice Award Winners for December 2016 Exhibition

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Provided by Arches Gallery

"Farm in Virginia" by Stephanie Chang

“Farm in Virginia” by Stephanie Chang

The Arches Gallery Artists is pleased to announce the winners of the December 2016 People’s Choice Award for the current exhibition in their gallery in Building W9 at the Workhouse Arts Center in Lorton, VA. We have 19 artists of varying artistic disciplines. The People’s Choice winners were chosen during the monthly 2nd Saturday Art Walk on December 10, 2016. There were five artists whose work was selected for first, second, and third, with a three-way tie for the second place award.

Stephanie Chang took 1st place, Karen Kozojet Ching, Rick Reda and Bettie Sperty all tied for 2nd place, and Mark Bravante was awarded 3rd place. These works and others will be on exhibit through the end of December 2016 in Building W9. The Workhouse Arts Center is located at 9601 Ox Rd., Lorton, VA 22079. Gallery hours are Mon.-Fri: 11:00 a. m.-6:00 p. m.; Sun: 12:00 -5:00 p. m.

Here is information about the winning artists and their work:

Stephanie Chang (1st Place), Artwork: “Farm in Virginia”

I am inspired by the beauty of nature, and I try to capture movement and atmosphere when I paint landscapes. I painted this farm in Virginia using oil paint on linen. You are invited to view more of my works at 

Karen Kozojet Ching (2nd Place), Artwork: “Monarch Feast”

Inspired by my love of butterflies.  I have a variety of butterfly bushes and am always fascinated when the Monarchs feast together. 

Rick Reda (2nd Place), Artwork: “Pine Needles”

While on a National Geographic Photo Expedition to Yellowstone in the winter, I saw these pine cones coated in ice from the steam of the geysers. I was shooting with a Canon 5dsr and a wide angle lens. The photo was taken in the morning while on a walk around the geyser basin.

Rick Reda has been a photographer for over 40 years, specializing in landscapes and wildlife. You can see more at his website 

Bettie Sperty (2nd Place), Artwork: “Green & Bronze1”

Bettie Sperty is an artist with a lifetime of experience, exploring mixed-media and ceramics. You can find more of her work at

The medium of ceramic and stoneware allows the viewer to explore natural textures, organic shapes, and unexpected colors. I take my inspiration from the textures present on things that grow all around us, highlighted with unexpected accents of metallic. The flexibility of organic materials like clay  enables the creation of endless shapes and texture. I like to explore the combination of texture and glaze, adding unexpected detail to even the smallest parts of the peace.

Mark Bravante (3rd Place), Artwork: “Caller Number 7”

The inspiration for Caller Number 7 is simply the modernization of telephonic communication. The materials used to create the piece are a collection of old imagery recycled to something new and creative. As an artist, I enjoy the manipulation of vintage objects and their transformation.  More of these redefinitions can be found at my website,

You can find more information about the Workhouse Art Center at The gallery is located at 9518 Workhouse Rd, Lorton, Virginia 22079. More about the Arches Gallery Artists can be found at and


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