Arches Gallery Artists: People’s Choice Award Winners for March 2017 Exhibition

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Provided by Arches Gallery Artists

The Arches Gallery Artists is pleased to announce the winners of the March 2017 People’s Choice Award for the current exhibition in their gallery in Building W9 at the Workhouse Arts Center in Lorton, VA. We have 22 artists of varying artistic disciplines. The People’s Choice winners were chosen during the monthly 2nd Saturday Art Walk on March 11, 2017. An increased number of members had their work was selected for awards, with clear choices for first, second and third.

The works and others will be on exhibit through April 3, 2017 in Building W9. The Workhouse Arts Center is located at 9601 Ox Rd., Lorton, VA 22079. Gallery hours are Mon.-Fri: 11:00 a. m.-6:00 p. m.; Sun: 12:00-5:00 p. m.

Here is information about the winning artists and their work:

“Solitude” by Kathleen Best Gillman

Kathleen Best Gillman (1st Place) Artwork: “Solitude”

From Fairfax, Kathleen Best Gillman writes: “With early memories of quiet tide pools and the splendor of the Milky Way against an inky night sky, I always loved being outdoors. “Solitude” depicts one of my favorite beaches in southern Maine during winter. ‘I grew up less than five miles from this beach and have been there in all kinds of weather, including a snow blizzard. The subtly of color and rhythm of the surf at the shore during winter is profound and peaceful. Spending solitary time on the beach is delightful.’ ”

This painting is available as the original acrylic on canvas (36 x 36”) or as a giclée print in several sizes.  Please visit the Workhouse Arts Center or Ms. Gillmann’s website at for more information about prints and the Artist.

“Winter Blooms” by Christy Tremblay

Christy Tremblay (2nd Place) Artwork: “Winter Blooms”

Christy, a Seattle native, says art has always been a part of her. “I can’t remember not wanting to do art”. Over the years, she has taken classes and workshops to expand her talents and experimented with many different mediums. Each phase of her journey has lend form to a style all her own. Christy is a mixed media artist. She specializes in the design of original works of art for indoor spaces.

One of the ways she expresses her world is through the artwork she makes. When you experience her art you see a glimpse of the world through her eyes and this includes her personal perspective on memory, emotion, place, hope.  .

About the piece: Winter Blooms” is a mixed media floral abstract on canvas. This painting evolved with each new layer of paint and oil pastel. The only thing I knew when I started was that I wanted to use blue and create flowers in a vase. The flowers evolved from my memory and the vase is one I have in my home.”

Mark Bravante (3nd Place) Artwork: “Pin Up”

Mark Bravante is a mixed-media artist from Woodbridge. His works transform everyday objects, giving them a new sense of purpose. He works with various mediums to produce a unique blend of shapes, texture, and color to highlight composition and modern artistry.

About the piece: “Pin Up is about the marketing of women as objects of beauty for commercial gain.  Women are generalized for profits rather than be treated as equals.”

 Honorable Mentions was a three-way tie. Those artists are:

Rick Reda Artwork: Sunset on the Grand Canal

“Sunset on the Grand Canal” was digitally intensified and printed on canvas paper; the photo was taken from the back of a cruise ship as it passed the Grand Canal.



Karen Chin Artwork: Peacock

Karen Chin works primarily in oils, but is equally at home in mixed water media and collage. Her color palette is bold and varied. Artwork approaches are representational and expressionistic. She enjoys using a variety of subject matter including plants and flower shapes and interesting objects.  She is a member of several art groups both in northern Virginia and North Carolina and exhibits and works in both locations.  She is also part of the Arches Gallery Artists, located in Building 9, at the Workhouse Arts Center, Lorton, VA. She has sales and awards in both locations. Her work can be seen at, and

About the piece: “This 18” piece is done in oils and celebrates the vibrant blue hues of glamorous peacocks.”

Kathy Naylor Artwork: “Hare Today”

Kathy Naylor, a resident of Warrenton, has been a member of The Workhouse for the past five years. She paints in pastels and oils and chooses nature primarily as her subject. She has exhibited in many outside venues and was published in The Piedmont Virginian magazine.

About the piece: “As with most all my paintings, I take a photograph and use this as my reference. This particular bunny seemed to pose for me. The softness of the pastels I painted with rendered  nice textures and realism to the entire piece.”

 You can find more about the Workhouse Art Center at The gallery is located at 9518 Workhouse Rd, Lorton, Virginia 22079. More about the Arches Gallery Artists can be found at and


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