ARTfactory to Feature Manassas Resident René Dickerson in “Between the Lines” Solo Art Exhibit

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Provided by ARTfactory

Artist Reception: Sept. 30, 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. Meet the artist, enjoy live music and refreshments.ARTfactory, 9419 Battle Street, Manassas

Exhibition Summary

The ARTfactory is excited to share their newest art exhibit “Between the Lines” by Manassas resident René Dickerson on display Sept.  8 to Oct. 21, 2023. “Between the Lines” is René’s second solo art exhibition at the ARTfactory and features a collection of original acrylic paintings on canvas. The influence of Cubism can be seen in many of Rene’s works, as he draws his inspiration from the Old Masters, modern-day artists, and everyday life.

René’s artwork catches the viewer’s attention immediately with his precise linear application and masterful marriage of colors. The complexity of René’s linework creates an amazing sense of depth in his paintings and forces the viewer’s eye to move throughout the composition, making each work feel like an exciting scavenger hunt. Through his unique artistic approach and style, René succeeds at transforming the “mundane” into the magnificent.

About the Artist

A love affair with a brush and canvas is the best way to describe René Dickerson’s life. His passion to create has led him down a road filled with lines, shapes and colors that hold the world captivated. René started on this path as a young child in Oakland, California in the 1960s. René was exposed to artists in the San Francisco Bay Area by his father, who took him to studios to watch the masters of day creating beautiful works of art. The senior Dickerson had a dream for his son and named him after Surrealist Rene Magritte. Being self-taught, René has a natural ability for art. He paints to express the richness of life.René’s body of work spans more than four decades with awards and accolades from the art world. His work is included in the collections of BMW of Sterling, Berry Gordy, Otis Williams and many others. René’s paintings have appeared in national award-winning exhibits.The ongoing visibility, popularity and demand for his art have enabled him to work with many organizations on projects concerning business, children, and family issues. His hope is that he might one day inspire a budding artist like so many artists inspire him.

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