Arum Place – Bottle Bombs Discovered

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Provided by Prince William Fire & Rescue

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On Tuesday, August 23 at 3:17 p. m., a Prince William County Fire Marshal was investigating a citizen’s complaint reporting a suspicious device. Upon discovering the device, additional fire and rescue resources were requested. The County Police also provided on-scene assistance.

During the investigation, several plastic bottles containing an unknown chemical substance were located. The immediate area was evacuated and cleared, and neighborhood residents were protected from harm. The Explosive Ordinance Disposal (EOD) unit from the Virginia State Police was requested to the scene to assist. Among the devices, four were found complete and needed to be rendered safe by EOD. The devices were cleared without incident or injury.

Due to the potential danger from the mixture bottle bombs may contain, anyone coming in contact with the materials while manufacturing or discharging the device can sustain serious and long-term debilitating injuries. Permanent injuries to the skin, eyes, and respiratory tract can be common.

The Fire Marshal’s Office would like to remind the community that individuals involved with the possession, manufacture, or discharge of chemical bottle bombs face potential criminal charges for their actions. Additionally, they may be held responsible for costs associated with any property damage, emergency response and mitigation (Police, HazMat, Fire and Rescue), and clean up. In this particular incident, the alleged parties have been identified and the investigation continues.

This incident highlights the value of the “See Something, Say Something” campaign. If a suspicious device is discovered or suspected in the community, citizens should immediately relocate a safe distance away from the device and call 911 to report it.

Under no circumstances should anyone touch or move a suspected device. Further questions or information should be directed to the Fire Marshal’s Office at 703-792-6360.


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